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This plugin allows you to create wish lists for your website, and display them on any post or page with simple shortcode. Include Item names, prices, sizes, colors, links, and photos so everyone knows what you want/need.


WordPress Repo: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/my-wish-list/

Direct Downloads:

Version 1.4.2 – 4/13/2015
Version 1.4.1
– 9/10/2014
Version 1.4
– 9/5/2014
Version 1.3.1
– 2/11/2014 ** Bug Fix
Version 1.3
– 2/10/2014
Version 1.2 – 2/10/2014
Version 1.1
– 8/27/2013
Version 1.0
– 9/5/2012
Version 0.0.3
– 5/8/2012 ** Bug Fix
Version 0.0.2
– 4/30/2012 **Bug Fix
Version 0.0.1
– 12/30/2011

Contributors: kionae
Donate link: http://www.nlb-creations.com/donate
Tags: item lists, wish list, wishlist
Requires at least:
Tested up to: 4.0
Stable tag: trunk


  1. Upload plugin .zip file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and unzip.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. A new post type called “Wish Lists” will appear in the admin menu. Use this to create your wish lists.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I display my wishlist?

There are two ways.

1) Simply link to it.  A new page exists on your site for each list you create.  If you want to customize how your list is laid out, this is the option for you.
Copy the template file /my-wish-list/templates/single-wishlist.php into your active theme’s directory and edit away.

2) Use the shortcode [wishlist id=xx] in any page or post, where id is the post id of the wishlist you created.

Can visitors reserve items to purchase from my wishlist?

Yes. This can enabled in the Wishlist settings box in any wishlist you create. Information about promised items will appear in the edit page for the wishlist.

Can visitors purchase items through this plugin?

No. This is not an e-commerce plugin. It only allows you to list items you need/want, and tell people where they can buy them for you.

Can I change the CSS styles for the wishlist?

Yes. Just copy the my-wish-list/styles/wishlist.css file into your active theme’s directory and make all the changes you like.



  • Initial release


  • Bug fix for wishlists save with no items added


  • Fixing jQuery conflict Wish List was having with other plugins


  • Moved all CSS to external file
  • Added code to allow override of default CSS
  • Added ability for donors to reserve items
  • Added additional settings to each wishlist created to make them more customizable


  • Fixed some compatibility issues with WordPress 3.6
  • Added a template file for Wishlists that can be customized
  • Plugin now sends an email to the site admin when an item is promised


  • Minor fix in the single-wishlist.php template file


  • Added item name to emails


  • Fix for admin emails


  • Fixed a bug that would not allow users to display links that start with https://
  • Verified compatibility with WordPress 4.0
  • * Fixed a minor PHP error that occurred with no list items were present when a list is saved


  • Fixed a minor PHP error that occurred with no list items were present when a list is saved


  • Security vulnerability fixes

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91 Comments to "WordPress Plugin – My Wish List"

  1. Dan Hansen says:

    Hi Nikki,
    THANKS A LOT! Wouldn’t have hoped for such a quick developement!
    I have one issue though.
    When adding a picture it puts the picture ind the edit area not in the list area.
    You can see what i mean in this vidoe.

  2. Tamas says:

    Hello Nikki,

    I would like to create a site, where my friends may put up their wishlists… for other friends, who might have at home the item, and they just can give it away for free.
    All this… in Hungarian. 🙂

    And I thought to use WordPress… and found YOUR plugin.

    Some questions:
    – how may other registered users write their lists?
    – how could I translate the plugin to Hungarian?
    – may one add pictures next to the list items?
    – do you think it is a good idea to build my site on your plugin? 🙂

    And… any further thoughts are welcome.

    Thanks a lot!

    Greetings from Budapest


  3. Prudence says:

    Gee whiz, and I thuoght this would be hard to find out.

    • Tuba says:

      Hello Nikki,I would like to cteare a site, where my friends may put up their wishlists… for other friends, who might have at home the item, and they just can give it away for free.All this… in Hungarian. And I thought to use WordPress… and found YOUR plugin.Some questions:- how may other registered users write their lists?- how could I translate the plugin to Hungarian?- may one add pictures next to the list items?- do you think it is a good idea to build my site on your plugin? And… any further thoughts are welcome. Thanks a lot!Greetings from BudapestTamas

  4. Jaime says:

    This plugin does not appear to be working on WordPress version 3.3.1.

    I tried fro an hour to get a wishlist to display… with no luck. I’ve moved on to find an alternative.

    • Nikki Blight says:

      “does not appear to be working” doesn’t really tell me much. It works correctly on my 3.1.1 test site.

      Did you follow the instructions in the readme.txt file?

  5. Chris says:

    is it possible to build in a reservation button?

  6. Chris says:

    i’am sry to bother you again do you have any idea what this means: i cant add any new intems.

    – – –
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/sara-chris.ch/httpdocs/wp/wp-content/plugins/my-wish-list/my-wish-list.php on line 234

  7. Rick says:


    I get the same error on line 234 when editing a wish list with no entries. I’m using WP 3.3.2 with the Suffusion theme.

    …… Rick

    • Nikki Blight says:

      Upgrade to version 0.0.2. 🙂

    • Rick says:


      I completed the upgrade and the error has disappeared but clicking on the “Add Items to Wish List” button has no effect.

      What else am I missing?

      • Nikki Blight says:

        It sounds like some sort of javascript conflict. What other plugins are you using? And what browser?

      • Rick says:

        Ajax Event Calendar
        ALO EasyMail Newsletter
        Cart66 Lite
        Google News Just Better
        Jetpack by WordPress.com
        Photonic Gallery for Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug and 500px

        With Firefox 12.0

        When the list is displayed using the shortcode I get the following warning:

        Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/hm4all/public_html/clermontpetsalive.org/wp-content/plugins/my-wish-list-0.0.2/my-wish-list.php on line 70

        See http://www.ClermontPetsAlive.org

        Is there a way to display ONLY the wish list items vs. the page using the shortcode?

        • Rick says:

          Hi Nikki,

          I moved the list to a page and now get the following warning:

          Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/hm4all/public_html/clermontpetsalive.org/wp-content/plugins/my-wish-list-0.0.2/my-wish-list.php on line 70

          Any ideas for resolution Nikki?

          …… Rick

          • Nikki Blight says:

            It looks like the conflict is with the Cart66 Lite plugin. I installed the the same plugins you have on a test site, and as soon as I deactivated Cart66, My Wishlist Started working correctly.

            I’ll dig around and see if I can figure out what’s causing the issue.

          • Nikki Blight says:

            Alright, I think I found the problem. There was a javascript conflict between My Wish List and Cart66. I’ve fixed it and uploaded a new version of the wish list plugin.

          • Rick says:

            Hurray Nikki it’s working – you’re the greatest!

            …… Rick

          • Rick says:

            I guess now I need more fundamental help on displaying the wish list. When I hover over the edit link for the list I created I see that it’s post 92. I added the shortcode [wishlist id=92] to the page I created to display my wish lists but nothing is displayed after adding 2 wish list items.

            Sorry to be such a bother – how should it be configured?

            …… Rick

          • Nikki Blight says:

            It sounds like you’ve got the shortcode right. I would double double check the ID you’re using, and then I’d check to make sure the Wishlist is published rather than saved as a draft.

          • Rick says:

            Double double checking works! Thank you Nikki. Any plans to permit us us to create our own templates for the wish list items?

            Thank you!! ….. Rick

  8. Mats says:

    I am having a hard time getting the plugin to work as well. I have followed the instructions in the readme.txt file, installed the plugin, and using the name of the wish list (wedding) into a normal post, typing [wishlist id=wedding] .

    I am using WordPress version 3.2.2. And I would also like to request a reservation button.

    Your plugin is really exactly what I am looking for, so I hope that you are able to help me make it work.

    • Nikki Blight says:

      The name of the wish list is not the same as the ID. The ID is the number you see in the url of a page/post/custom post type (if you’re using WordPress’ default permalink settings) or in the url when you’re editing.

      If, when you clicked on Edit for your wish list, you would go to a page called something like http://example.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=854&action=edit

      “post=854” is what specifies your ID, and that is what you use in the shortcode: [wishlist id=854]

  9. Mats says:

    It works! Thank you so much for your help. Is there some way that I can incorporate a check box in the post as well?

    I am creating a blog for our upcoming wedding, and would like our guests to be able to check off things along the way..

    Thanks again for your help!

  10. Adrian says:


    Great little plugin, it might be work putting a little edit in the FAQs on how to correctly identify the value for [wishlist id=xx].

    Also is there anyway I can allow registered users to remove items as they are purchased?


    • Nikki Blight says:

      If they have general post editing permission on your site, they should be able to do so. But there is currently not a more secure/user friendly way of doing so.

  11. Hi. I’d love to use this. when I add the code, it removes all images and you cannot scroll on the page.. using elegantthemes boutique theme

  12. Jake says:

    How would I add a reservation or “bought” button.

  13. Hey Nikki!
    First of all, thanks for the plugin.
    Unfortunatelly, I haven’t experienced it yet.
    I installed and did everything as asked (I think). I added items but then nothing is on the page! Completetely blank. I even deleted all the other plugins that was using (activated then again since that wasn’t the problem) and I’m out of solutions.

    Here are two print screens:


  14. Markus says:

    Dear dev Team

    very nice plugin – i was searching for that kind of feature for a very long time.

    is there a way that an item can be shared amongst different donors?
    i.e. a car: 10’000$ is shared amongst Lucie 0(4’000$), Anton (200$) and Mike (5’800$)? meaning, that a donor decides whether he donates the entire amount of Money or just a part of it. the current amount of accumulated Money (per item) is shown accordingly?

    thanks for your Support…

    regards markus

  15. David says:

    Hello, I want to change the order to be top-right the image, and on the left item data + form (inline) under the item data. I know how to make the inline form, but in php file the form is in one div with the image. Can you help me to change that and to make divs in correct order – item data, form, image? I would be really thankful!

  16. virginie says:

    hello Nicky,

    I would like that an automatic mail be sent when somebody select a gift. How i can do (i am not a developer)


  17. Hi,
    Sorry for my bad english. This is a great plugin. I have one question: I have translated some english words into dutch in mywishlist.php, that works great, but in edit mode by adding an article i still have the english words, like size, price. The backend for the user is okay in dutch.
    Could you tell me where i can translate these words?
    Thank you in advance,

  18. Russell West says:

    Hi Nikki

    Any plans to update this/test this plugin against the current version of WP?

    I just installed on 3.5.2 to see if it works, but no joy. Just a blank post.

    Cheers, Russ

  19. Julien says:

    I have some personalized code on my website, so I would appreciate it if you could give me the differences between v1 and v1.1

  20. Sara says:

    I had the same problem discussed here above, when I publish a wishlist and follow the link, the page is not found or the post is empty. But when I do a preview before saving the wishlist appears all normal. This is a bug that I think is simple to solve it appears normal to wishlist before saving. please help me, I really need this plugin working. My wordpress version is 3.6.1

  21. David Savill says:

    hello, any idea why its not showing up? (should be right at the bottom of the page)

    each section of this template is a page, so “wish list” is a page and ive copy and pasted the shortcode id as

    [wishlist id=204]

    as 204 was in the url of the wishlist i was editing

    but it doesnt seem to appear :-/

    please help 🙂

    • Nikki Blight says:

      Without actually seeing how you’ve got the site put together, I’m really not sure. My best guess would be that you’re not using the right id number. Double check that, and make sure you’re using the id of the wishlist itself, and not the page you’re trying to post the wishlist on.

  22. rafal says:

    Hi, great plugin, I’m trying to modify it a bit so it send email to the admin and the donor also.
    can you please help me, how to get the donor email so the email is also sent to him?
    I added something like this, but it doesnt send email to donor email:

    //send an email to the donor

    $headers = ‘From: Mikolaje.com ‘ . “\r\n”;
    wp_mail($’wishdonoremail’, ‘Rezerwacja prezentu dla dziecka’, ‘Św. Mikołaj: ‘.$_POST[‘wishdonorname’]. ‘ (‘.$_POST[‘wishdonoremail’].’), tel: ‘.$_POST[‘wishdonortel’].’ , właśnie zarezerwował prezent dla dziecka: ‘.$_POST[‘wish_donor_donation’].’.’, $headers);

    obviously it cant get wishdonoremail and doesn’t send to donor. please help! thank ou very much

    • Nikki Blight says:

      You would use essentially the same format as sending to the admin email.

      //send an email to the site admin
      $admin_email = get_option('admin_email');
      $headers = 'From: My Wishlist < '.$admin_email.'>' . "\r\n";
      wp_mail($admin_email, 'Wishlist Item Promised', 'An item from your wishlist has been promised by'.$_POST['wishdonorname'].'('.$_POST['wishdonoremail'].')', $headers);

      //send an email to the donor
      $donor_email = $_POST['wishdonoremail']
      $headers = 'From: My Wishlist < '.$donor_email.'>' . "\r\n";
      wp_mail($donor_email, 'Wishlist Item Promised', 'YOUR MESSAGE HERE', $headers);

      • rafal says:

        great, thank you. it’s working perfect.
        just need to add ; at the end of:
        $donor_email = $_POST[‘wishdonoremail’];

        • Silvan says:

          I found a way to send a reply email to the donors using html.

          //send an email to the donor
          $donor_email = $_POST[‘wishdonoremail’];
          $headers = ‘From: Wunschliste Silvan & Julia ‘ . “\r\n”;
          $headers .= ‘Return-Path: Admin ‘ . “\r\n”;
          $headers .= “MIME-Version: 1.0\r\n”;
          $headers .= “Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8\r\n”;
          $message = ‘

          Liebe/r ‘.$_POST[‘wishdonorname’].’

          Vielen Dank! Du hast uns ‘.$_POST[‘wishitem’]. ‘ (‘.$_POST[‘wishsize’].’, ‘.$_POST[‘wishcolor’].’) versprochen.
          Das Geschenk ist erhältlich bei ‘.$_POST[‘wishstore’].’ ‘.$_POST[‘wishlink’].’.
          Natürlich kannst du das Geschenk auch an einem anderen Ort kaufen. Der angegeben Link soll dir helfen genau dass von uns gewünschte Geschenk zu finden.
          Du kannst uns das Geschenk vor oder nach der Hochzeit zusenden oder an den Apero mitbringen.

          Liebe Grüsse
          Silvan & Julia


          wp_mail($donor_email, ‘Geschenk versprochen’, $message, $headers);

          To use the the name, size, color, store and the link, you have to put the following code at around row 235

          $output .= ”;
          $output .= ”;
          $output .= ”;
          $output .= ”;
          $output .= ”;

  23. rafal says:

    also another important question – how can I make all fields mandatory, I mean that all fields are required. thanks a lot!

  24. Tomas says:

    I am just curious whether it is possible to somehow add the name of the gift into the e-mail.
    Because now I get only the info that some gift has been bought, but I do not know by who.


  25. Jennifer Bowman says:

    Hello Nikki! I’m using your plugin and it’s fantastic! One question regarding the link for each item. Some of the links that I would like to use are https:// but it appears that by default it’s putting an http:// in front of any URL entered in for an item. Is there a way to change this? Thanks again for the great plugin and for your help!


  26. Cedric says:


    the plug-in is great!

    Never the less, I’m meeting a little issue. There is a difference in the layout of the list when the list is called by using the URL (www.sitename.com/?wishlist=XXX) and when the list is called using a post or a page (and therefor with the use of the shortcode). It’s like the file “single-wishlist.php” is not taking into account when using the shortcode.

    Any idea?

    Thank you!


  27. Alex says:

    I am trying to in install the plugin and get it to work but not having any success.

    Where in the installation do the I tell woocommerce to create a link or button to add a product to the wishlist?

    I do not see much documentation. I am hoping it is something very simple that I am just overlooking.

    Hopefully you can shed some light.


  28. Marco says:

    I’m using the plugin on http://www.martiemarco.it, I slightly modified it in order to have an italian translation, donor’s emails and a few small tips and tricks (for example reserved items go to the bottom of the page, so reservable ones are always at the top). If you think it could be useful to you to I can send you the code.


  29. Bebarce says:

    I modified the code a bit to add quantity of item. When you’re creating a wish list item.

    Now I’m trying to figure out how to do the following.
    1. Allow someone to Donate a quantity of the product.
    2. Have the quantity subtract or modify the quantity field to indicate amount donated (10 of 20 needed)
    3. Display to show the amount that has been promised and by whom. This means the output would have to allow for more than 1 contributor to a single product. (The PTA has donated 10 of the 20 iPads requested.)

    That being said I’m doing the best I can with no coding experience other than my own pattern recognition from the code presented.

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