Don’t forget about PIPA

There’s a huge amount of opposition for the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) from the public, which has resulted in delays of voting, numerous amendments, and a lengthy hearing process. All of which is good, because SOPA is an awful piece of legislation.  It’s been generating a lot of bad press on the web of late, and even GoDaddy backed out of their support for SOPA after faced with a boycott by disgruntled internet users.

But people are so focused on SOPA that they seem to have forgotten all about PIPA, which is due to go to the Senate floor for a vote as early as Jan. 24.

SOPA, which is admittedly the worst of the two bills, may not have much of a chance of passing at this point… but because it’s been so thoroughly vilified, it has allowed PIPA to slip through almost unimpeded. People seem to have forgotten that PIPA is just as dangerous as SOPA… and PIPA seems like it has a much better shot at passing.

It kind of makes you wonder if this wasn’t the plan all along.

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