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Radio Station - WordPress Plug-in

Radio Station is a plugin to run a radio station’s website. It’s functionality is based on Drupal 6’s Station plugin, reworked for use in WordPress. The plugin includes the ability to associate users with “shows” (schedulable blocks of time that contain a description, and other meta information), and generate playlists associated with those shows. The plugin contains a widget to display the currently on-air DJ with a link to the DJ’s show and current playlist. A schedule of all shows can also be generated.


WordPress Repo: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/radio-station/

Direct Downloads:

Version 2.1.3 – 12/8/2015

Older Versions

Version 2.1.2 – 10/5/2015
Version 2.1.1 – 2/16/2015
Version 2.1 – 2/12/2015
Version 2.0.16 – 9/16/14
Version 2.0.15 – 9/9/14
Version 2.0.14 – 9/4/14
Version 2.0.13 – 7/24/14
Version 2.0.12 – 7/3/14 – *Bug fix
Version 2.0.11 – 6/30/14
Version 2.0.10 – 6/5/2014
Version 2.0.9 – 6/4/2014
Version 2.0.8 – 5/14/2014
Version 2.0.6 – 3/13/2014
Version 2.0.5 – 3/11/2013 – *Bug Fix
Version 2.0.4 – 3/4/2014 – *Bug Fix
Version 2.0.3 – 2/10/2014
Version 2.0.2 – 12/9/2013 – *Bug fix
Version 2.0.1 – 11/27/2013- *Bug fix
Version 2.0.0 – 11/26/2013
Version 1.6.2 – 11/20/2013
Version 1.6.1 – 11/12/2013 – *Bug fix
Version 1.6.0 – 11/11/2013
Version 1.5.4 – 10/15/2013
Version 1.5.3 – 10/2/2013
Version 1.5.2 – 9/27/2013
Version 1.5.1 – 9/26/2013
Version 1.5.0 – 9/25/2013
Version 1.4.6 – 9/19/2013
Version 1.4.5 – 8/23/2013
Version 1.4.4 – 8/19/2013
Version 1.4.3 – 8/14/2013
Version 1.4.2 – 8/6/2013
Version 1.4.1 – 8/5/2013
Version 1.4.0 – 8/5/2013
Version 1.3.9 – 8/01/2013
Version 1.3.8 – 6/27/2013
Version 1.3.7 – 6/24/2013
Version 1.3.6 – 5/29/2013
Version 1.3.5 – 5/13/2013
Version 1.3.4 – 4/17/2013
Version 1.3.3 – 4/11/2013
Version 1.3.2 – 4/5/2013
Version 1.3.1 – 3/19/2013
Version 1.3 – 2/25/2013

Contributors: kionae
Donate link: http://www.nlb-creations.com/donate
Tags: dj, music, playlist, radio, scheduling
Requires at least: 3.3.1
Tested up to: 4.3.1
Stable tag: trunk


  1. Upload plugin .zip file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and unzip.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Give any users who need access to the plugin the role of “DJ”. Only DJ and administrator roles have administrative access.
  4. Create shows and set up shifts.
  5. Add playlists to your shows.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'm seeing 404 Not Found errors when I click on the link for a show!

Try re-saving your site’s permalink settings. WordPress sometimes gets confused with a custom post type is added.

My Shows don't have a place to add a featured image. Is the plugin broken?

No. This is usually a theme issue.

It may be that you don’t have post thumbnails enabled in your theme, or the theme you’re using enables them only for specific post types. Check your theme’s
functions.php file and see if there is a line that looks like this:

add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails' );

If not, you’ll need to add that line in to enable featured images. You may also see something like this:

add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails', array( 'post', 'page' ) );

If that’s the case, your theme is enabling featured images selectively, and you can turn them on for Shows by adding “show” to the array, like this:

add_theme_support( 'post-thumbnails', array( 'post', 'page', 'show' ) );

How do I schedule a show?

Simply create a new show. You will be able to aside it to any timeslot you wish on the edit page.

What if I have a special event?

If you have a one-off event that you need to show up in the On-Air or Coming Up Next widgets, you can create a Schedule Override by clicking the Schedule Override tab
in the Dashboard menu. This will allow you to set aside a block of time on a specific date, and will display the title you give it in the widgets. Please note that
this will only override the widgets and their corresponding shortcodes. If you are using the weekly master schedule shortcode on a page, its output will not be altered.

How do I display a full schedule of my station's shows?

Use the shortcode [master-schedule] on any page. This will generate a table containing your show details.

The following attributes are available for the shortcode:
‘list’ => If set to a value of ‘list’, the schedule will display in list format rather than table or div format. Valid values are ‘list’, ‘divs’, ‘table’.  Default value is ‘table’.
‘time’ => The time format you with to use.  Valid values are 12 and 24.  Default is 12.
‘show_link’ => Display the title of the show as a link to its profile page.  Valid values are 0 for hide, 1 for show.  Default is 1.
‘display_show_time’ => Display start and end times of each show after the title in the grid.  Valid values are 0 for hide, 1 for show.  Default is 1.
‘show_image’ => If set to a value of 1, the show’s avatar will be displayed.  Default value is 0.
‘show_djs’ => If set to a value of 1, the names of the show’s DJs will be displayed.  Default value is 0.
‘divheight’ => Set the height, in pixels, of the individual divs in the ‘divs’ layout.  Default is 45.
‘single_day’ => Display schedule for only a single day of the week.  Only works if you are using the ‘list’ format.  Valid values are sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday.

For example, if you wish to use 24-hour time format, use [master-schedule time="24"].    If you want to only show Sunday’s schedule, use [master-schedule list="list" single_day="sunday"].

How do I get the last song played to show up?

You’ll find a widget for just that purpose under the Widgets tab. You can also use the shortcode [now-playing] in your page/post, or use do_shortcode('[now-playing]'); in your template files.

The following attributes are available for the shortcode:
‘title’ => The title you would like to appear over the now playing block
‘artist’ => Display artist name. Valid values are 0 for hide, 1 for show. Default is 1.
‘song’ => Display song name. Valid values are 0 for hide, 1 for show. Default is 1.
‘album’ => Display album name. Valid values are 0 for hide, 1 for show. Default is 0.
‘label’ => Display label name. Valid values are 0 for hide, 1 for show. Default is 0.
‘comments’ => Display DJ comments. Valid values are 0 for hide, 1 for show. Default is 0.


[now-playing title="Current Song" artist="1" song="1" album="1" label="1" comments="0"]

What about displaying the current DJ on air?

You’ll find a widget for just that purpose under the Widgets tab. You can also use the shortcode [dj-widget] in your page/post, or you can use


in your template files.

The following attributes are available for the shortcode:
‘title’ => The title you would like to appear over the on-air block
‘display_djs’ => Display the names of the DJs on the show.  Valid values are 0 for hide names, 1 for show names.  Default is 0.
‘show_avatar’ => Display a show’s thumbnail. Valid values are 0 for hide avatar, 1 for show avatar. Default is 0.
‘show_link’ => Display a link to a show’s page. Valid values are 0 for hide link, 1 for show link. Default is 0.
‘default_name’ => The text you would like to display when no show is schedule for the current time.
‘time’ => The time format used for displaying schedules. Valid values are 12 and 24. Default is 12.
‘show_sched’ => Display the show’s schedules. Valid values are 0 for hide schedule, 1 for show schedule. Default is 1.
‘show_playlist’ => Display a link to the show’s current playlist. Valid values are 0 for hide link, 1 for show link. Default is 1.
‘show_all_sched’ => Displays all schedules for a show if it airs on multiple days. Valid values are 0 for current schedule, 1 for all schedules. Default is 0.


[dj-widget title="Now On-Air" display_dj="1" show_avatar="1" show_link="1" default_name="RadioBot" time="12" schow_sched="1" show_playlist="1" show_all_sched="0"]

Can I display upcoming shows, too?

You’ll find a widget for just that purpose under the Widgets tab. You can also use the shortcode [dj-coming-up-widget] in your page/post, or you can use

echo do_shortcode('[dj-coming-up-widget]');

in your template files.

The following attributes are available for the shortcode:
‘title’ => The title you would like to appear over the on-air block
‘display_djs’ => Display the names of the DJs on the show.  Valid values are 0 for hide names, 1 for show names.  Default is 0.
‘show_avatar’ => Display a show’s thumbnail. Valid values are 0 for hide avatar, 1 for show avatar. Default is 0.
‘show_link’ => Display a link to a show’s page. Valid values are 0 for hide link, 1 for show link. Default is 0.
‘limit’ => The number of upcoming shows to display. Default is 1.
‘time’ => The time format used for displaying schedules. Valid values are 12 and 24. Default is 12.
‘show_sched’ => Display the show’s schedules. Valid values are 0 for hide schedule, 1 for show schedule. Default is 1.


[dj-widget title="Coming Up On-Air" display_dj="1" show_avatar="1" show_link="1" limit="3" time="12" schow_sched="1"]

Can I change how show pages are laid out/displayed?

Yes. Copy the radio-station/templates/single-show.php file into your theme directory, and alter as you wish. This template, and all of the other templates in this plugin, are based on the TwentyEleven theme. If you’re using a different theme, you may have to rework them to reflect your theme’s layout.

What about playlist pages?

Same deal as the previous question. Grab the radio-station/templates/single-playlist.php file, copy it to your theme directory, and go to town.

And playlist archive pages?

Same as above. Grab the radio-station/templates/archive-playlist.php file, copy it to your theme directory, and go to town.

And the program schedule, too?

Because of the complexity of outputting the data, you can’t directly alter the template, but you can copy the radio-station/templates/program-schedule.css file into your theme directory and change the CSS rules for the page.

What if I want to style the DJ on air sidebar widget?

Copy the radio-station/templates/djonair.css file to your theme directory.

How do I get an archive page that lists ALL of the playlists instead of just the archives of individual shows?

First, grab the radio-station/templates/playlist-archive-template.php file, and copy it to your active theme directory. Then, create a Page in wordpress to hold the playlist archive. Under Page Attributes, set the template to Playlist Archive. Please note: If you don’t copy the template file to your theme first, the option to select it will not appear.

Can show pages link to an archive of related blog posts?

Yes, in much the same way as the full playlist archive described above. First, grab the radio-station/templates/show-blog-archive-template.php file, and copy it to your active theme directory. Then, create a Page in wordpress to hold the blog archive. Under Page Attributes, set the template to Show Blog Archive.

How can I list all of my shows?

Use the shortcode [list-shows] in your page/posts or use do_shortcode(['list-shows']); in your template files. This will output an unordered list element containing the titles of and links to all shows marked as “Active”.

I need users other than just the Administrator and DJ roles to have access to the Shows and Playlists post types. How do I do that?

Since I’m stongly opposed to reinventing the wheel, I recommend Justin Tadlock’s excellent “Members” plugin for that purpose. You can find it on WordPress.org, here: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/members/

Add the following capabilities to any role you want to give access to Shows and Playlist:


If you want the new role to be able to create or approve new shows, you should also give them the following capabilities:


How do I change the DJ's avatar in the sidebar widget?

The avatar is whatever image is assigned as the DJ/Show’s featured image. All you have to do is set a new featured image.

Why don't any users show up in the DJs list on the Show edit page?

You did remember to assign the DJ role to the users you want to be DJs, right?

My DJs can't edit a show page. What do I do?

The only DJs that can edit a show are the ones listed as being ON that show in the DJs select menu. This is to prevent DJs from editing other DJs shows without permission.

How can I export a list of songs played on a given date?

Under the Playlists menu in the dashboard is an Export link. Simply specify the a date range, and a text file will be generated for you.

Can my DJ's have customized user profile pages in addition to Show pages?

Yes. These pages are the same as any other author page (edit or create the author.php template file in your theme directory). A sample can be found in the radio-station/templates/author.php file. Like the other theme templates included with this plugin, this file is based on the TwentyEleven theme.

I don't want to use Gravatar for my DJ's image on their user profile page.

Then you’ll need to install a plugin that lets you add a different image to your DJ’s user account and edit your author.php theme file accordingly. That’s a little out of the scope of this plugin. I recommend Cimy User Extra Fields: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/cimy-user-extra-fields/

What languages other than English is the plugin available in?

Right now:

Albanian (sq_AL)
French (fr_FR)
German (de_DE)
Italian (it_IT)
Russion (ru_RU)
Serbian (sr_RS)
Spanish (es_ES)
Catalan (ca)

Can you translate the plugin into my language?

My foreign language skills are rather lacking. I managed a Spanish translation, sheerly due to the fact that I still remember at least some of what I learned in high school Spanish class. But I’ve included the .pot file in the /languages directory. If you want to give it a shot, be my guest. If you send me your finished translation, I’d love to include it.


Older Revisions


  • Initial release


  • Fixed playlist edit screen so that queued songs fall to the bottom of the list to maintain play order
  • Reduced the size of the content field in the playlist post type
  • Some minor formatting changes to default templates
  • Added genre highlighter to the master programming schedule page
  • Added a second Update button on the bottom of the playlist edit page for convinience.
  • Added sample template for DJ user pages
  • Fixed a bug in the master schedule shortcode that messed up the table for shows that are more than two hours in duration
  • Fixed a bug in the master schedule shortcode to accomodate shows that run from late night into the following morning.
  • Added new field to associate blog posts with shows


  • Fixed thumbnail bug in sidebar widgets
  • Added new widget to display upcoming shows
  • Added pagination options for playlists and show blogs


  • Fixed some minor compatibility issues with WordPress 3.5
  • Fixed Shows icon in Dashboard


  • Fixed a major bug in the master schedule output


  • Fixed a bug in the DJ-on-air widget
  • Fixed show select list for show blog posts


  • Added the ability to assign any user with the edit_shows capability as a DJ, to accommodate custom and edited roles.


  • By request, added as 24-hour time format option to the master schedule and sidebar widgets.


  • Fixed a time display bug in the DJ On-Air sidebar widget
  • Fixed a display bug on the master schedule with overnight shows


  • Fixed issue with shows that run overnight not showing up correctly in the sidebar widgets


  • Fixed a scheduling bug in the upcoming shows widget
  • By popular request, switched the order of artist and song in the now playing widget


  • Changes to fix the incorrect list of available shows on the Add Playlist page
  • Removing Add Show links from admin menu for DJs, since they don’t have permission to use them anyway.


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing sites using a non-default table prefix from seeing the list of DJs on the add/edit show pages


  • Compatibility fix for WordPress 3.6


  • Fixed issue with templates copied to the theme directory not overriding the defaults correctly
  • Fixed incorrectly implemented wp_enqueue_styles()
  • Removed deprecated escape_attribute() function from the plugin widgets
  • Fixed some areas of the code that were generating PHP notices


  • Fixed a bug in the CSS file override from theme directory


  • Master schedule shortcode now displays indiviual shows in both 24 and 12 hour time
  • Fixed some areas of the code that were generating PHP notices in WordPress 3.6
  • Added example of how to display show schedule to single-show.php template
  • Added more options to the plugin’s widgets
  • Added new options to the master-schedule shortcode


  • Compatibility fix for WordPress 3.6 – fixed problem with giving alternative roles DJ capabilities
  • Fixed some areas of the code that were generating PHP notices in WordPress 3.6


  • Fixed master-schedule shortcode bug that was preventing display of 12 hour time


  • Fixed a bug with shows that start at midnight not displaying in the on-air sidebar widget.
  • Switched DJ/Show avatars in the widgets to use the featured image of the show instead of gravatar.
  • Updated show template to get rid of a PHP warning that appeared if the show had no schedules.
  • Fixed some other areas of the code that were generating PHP notices in WordPress 3.6
  • Added CSS classes to master program schedule output so CSS rules can be applied to specific shows
  • Added new attribute to the list-shows shortcode to allow only specified genres to be displayed


  • Plugin modified to allow for internationalization.
  • Spanish translation added.


  • Fixed some localization bugs
  • Added French translation (a big thank you to Dan over at BuddyPress France – http://bp-fr.net/)


  • Fixed some localization bugs
  • Added Albanian translation (sq_AL) (thank you to Lorenc!)


  • Added Serbian translation (sr_RS) (thank you to Miodarag Zivkovic!)


  • Fixed some PHP notices that were being generated when there were no playlist entries in the system.


  • Added the ability to override the weekly schedule to allow one-off events to be scheduled
  • Added a list format option to the master schedule shortcode
  • Added Italian translation (it_IT) (thank you to Cristofaro Giuseppe!)


  • Bug fix: Some of the code added in the previous update uses the array_replace() function that is only available in PHP 5.3+. Added a fallback for older PHP versions.


  • Minor PHP warning fixes


  • Major code reorganization for better future development
  • PHP warning fix
  • Enabled option to add comments on Shows and Playlists
  • Added option to show either single or multiple schedules in the On Air widget


  • Bug fix: Fixed PHP error in Playlist save function that was triggered during preview
  • Bug fix: Fixed PHP notice in playlist template file
  • Bug fix: Fixed PHP error in dj-widget shortcode


  • Bug fix: Scheduling issue with overnight shows fixed


  • Compatibility fix: Fixed a jquery conflict in the backend that was occurring in certain themes


  • Master Schedule bug for shows that start at midnight and end before the hour is up fixed.


  • Fixed an issue with some shows displaying in 24 hour time on master schedule grid even though 12-hour time is specified
  • Fixed a bug in the On-Air widget that was preventing shows spanning two day from displaying
  • Added code to enable theme support for post-thumbnails on the “show” post-type so users don’t have to add it to their theme’s functions.php file anymore.


  • Master Schedule now displays days starting with the start_of_week option set in the WordPress General Settings panel.
  • Fixed issue with shows that have been unplublished still showing up on the master schedule.
  • Fixed missing am/pm text on shows that run overnight on the master schedule.
  • Fixed an issue with shows that run overnight not spanning the correct number of hours on the second day on the master schedule.
  • Fixed problem in Upcoming DJ Widget that wasn’t displaying the correct upcoming shift.


  • Fixed scheduling bug in shortcode function


  • Fixed the display of schedules for upcoming shows in the widget and shortcode.
  • Fixed a bug in the dj_get_next function that was causing it to ignore the beginning of the next week at the end of the current week.


  • Fixed broken upcoming show shortcode.
  • Added ability to display DJ names along with the show title in the widgets.


  • Fixed role/capability conflict with WP User Avatar plugin.
  • Added the missing leading zero to 24-hour time format on the master schedule.
  • Fixed dj_get_current function so that it no longer returns shows that have been moved to the trash.
  • Fixed dj_get_next function so that it no longer ignores the “Active” checkbox on a show.
  • Added some CSS ids and classes to the master program schedule list format to make it more useful.


  • Russian translation added (Thank you to Alexander Esin for the file!)


  • Fixed a bug in the master schedule shortcode


  • Added the ability to display show avatars on the program grid.
  • Added the ability to display show description in the now on-air widget and short code.


  • Fixed issue on the master schedule where genres containing more than one work wouldn’t highlight when clicked
  • Added ability to display DJ names on the master schedule.
  • Fixed bug in the Upcoming widget.  Override Schedule no longer display as upcoming when they are on-air.
  • Verified compatibility with WordPress 4.0


  • German translation added (Thank you to Ian Hook for the file!)


  • Minor revisions to German translation.
  • Fixed a bug that was resetting custom-sert role capabilities for the DJ role.


  • General code cleanup, 4.1 compatibility testing, and changes for better efficiency.
  • Bug fix – Fixed issue with early morning shows spanning entire column in the programming grid shortcode
  • New Feature – Master programming grid can now be displayed in div format, as well as the original table and list formats.


  • Bug fix – Fixed day of the week language translation issue in master schedule shortcode
  • Bug fix – Added some error checking in the sidebar widgets
  • New Feature – Added ability to give schedule overrides a featured image
  • New Feature – Added built-in help page


  • Compatibility fix for WordPress 4.3.x – Updated the widgets to use PHP5 constructors instead of the deprecated PHP4 constructors.
  • Catalan translation added (Thank you to Victor Riera for the file!)


  • Added method for displaying schedule for only a single day (see readme section for the master-schedule shortcode for details).

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268 Comments to "WordPress Plugin – Radio Station"

  1. Two Questions:

    1) What is the license software? MIT, GPLv3, Apache?

    2) Exists public repository, I’m making some changes I need in the plugin, and I would like to send the changes. if your not used public repository: I can create a public repository on github with the project?


    • Nikki Blight says:

      1) GPL2, same as the WordPress software itself.

      2) The only repository that exists is the one on WordPress.org. My plugin doesn’t have a public repository. You’re welcome to create your own branch of the software on GitHub, though.

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Nikki. Just noticed one other small issue. The master schedule displays hyperlinks of all genres that have a show on the schedule. Clicking on any of these highlights all the shows on the schedule instead of just the selected genre.

    Thanks again. This plugin is awesome.

  3. Michael says:


    Just installed this plugin on a clients website. WordPress 3.6.1 & plugin 1.4.6

    Where is the option to create shows? I’ve been right through all of the menus. I’ve added a new user and they have the DJ role set.

    Many thanks

    • Nikki Blight says:

      It should appear as a “Shows” tab immediately underneath the “Posts” and “Playlists” tabs in the left side menu of the admin view (assuming you don’t have other custom post types created by other plugins/your theme).

  4. Deke Rhinehart says:

    I thinking I must be missing something and just can’t figure it out. I was interested in your plugin for the Now Playing widget. I’m curious as to where I input my song feed url in order to take advantage of this widget. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  5. Kswift says:

    Hi, thanks for such an amazing plugin; I had looked for something like this a couple of years ago and didn’t find any. Will use this on a radio station website.

    My question – and I see someone else asked something similar; I need the sidebar widget to display the users/deejays as in ‘hosted by’ on the show page.

    Is there a quick code hack for that? I tried to copy the code from the show page to the widget, but I guess this part only works on the actual show page and not in a widget:

    $djs = get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), ‘show_user_list’, true);

    • Nikki Blight says:

      get_the_ID() is a wordpress function that needs to execute within The Loop in a template. If you wanted to use that line of code in the widget, you would need to specify the ID of the show being requested. In the case of the widget, it would be:

      $djs = get_post_meta($dj->ID, ‘show_user_list’, true);

      Then you can format it similar to the way the show page template does:

      $djs = get_post_meta($dj->ID, ‘show_user_list’, true);

      $count = 0;

      if($djs) {
      foreach($djs as $dj) {
      $count ++;
      $user_info = get_userdata($dj);

      echo $user_info->display_name;

      if( ($count == 1 && count($djs) == 2) || (count($djs) > 2 && $count == count($djs)) ) {
      echo ' and ';
      elseif($count < count($djs) && count($djs) > 2) {
      echo ', ';
      else {
      //do nothing

      • Kswift says:

        Thank you, that worked perfectly well!

        One other nice ‘hack’ may be to only show the times of the current slot instead of its full programming in the widget. For example our daily breakfast show, while it plays, would only show ‘7.00 – 10.00’ instead of its full weekly schedule. This may be useful for listeners who just bumped into the show and want to know until when they can listen.

        • Jason Jordan says:

          Can I bump this one?

          I love love love the plugin but there’s a couple of things that’d make it perfect.

          In the dj-widget and the dj-coming-up-widget, In addition to the Show Name, I’d like to see which DJ is presenting the show and the times the show is on between that session (not the full schedule for the week)

          In other words it’d say something like:
          MUSIC HITS
          with JASON JORDAN
          4pm – 6pm

          The other cool feature would be a way to say a particular show is on
          6pm-9pm Weekdays
          rather than identifying every individual day.

          But this really is a cracker of a plugin. Well done!

          Cheers, Jason

  6. felius says:

    Hi. I just want radio streaming. When user login my site, automatically plays one song, which at the moment all listen. How can I doing?

  7. Paul says:

    Hi Nikki, Great Plugin! I was wondering if there was a way to create a supplemental schedule that would display in place of the master schedule for a defined day and time period. For example, when there is a local sporting event or special broadcast on a certain day only? Thanks

  8. Chris says:

    Love the plugin! I would like to be able to display the weekly schedule in list format – without the table. Is this possible please?

  9. Saxon Mosh says:

    Invalid argument supplied for foreach()

    wordpress 3.6 to wp 3.7.1 using gamepress theme, standard wordpress themes twentytwelve and twentythirteen.

  10. Leonard says:

    I like the plugin, very nice. I do however have a couple questions:

    — What is the purpose of the custom post type “Air Staff Members”? The reason I ask is because the On-Air widget is tied to the schedule and that is in itself a custom post type.
    — How is the Now Playing suppose to work?

    Thanks in advance for your answers 🙂

    • Nikki Blight says:

      There is no such post type in this plugin. All on-air staff are regular WordPress users that have been given the DJ role. DJs are then assigned to the Show post type so that one show can have multiple DJs.

      If you’re seeing a post type called “Air Staff Members”, it’s coming from a different plugin.

      As for the Now Playing, it picks up the most recent song that has been entered as part of a playlist and displays that information.

      • Leonard says:

        My bad, you’re right it was a different plugin that creates custom post types.

        So the is the Now Playing widget that comes with the Radio Station plugin different than your Playlist217 plugin?

        • Nikki Blight says:

          Yes. The Now Playing widget relies on manual entries made through the WordPress interface. It’s not an automated process.

          Playlist217 is a plugin I wrote to replicate the functionality of an earlier site that was being redone in WordPress. It takes playlist entries via URL parameters and saves them in the WordPress database. It’s basically meant to act as a bridge between a dynamically generated playlist (for example, from a ShoutCast stream) and WordPress, and would require a script on the ShoutCast server (or whatever streaming software you’re using) to send an HTTP Request with the currently playing song title and artist to the URL the plugin is configured to receive data on.

          It’s sort of provided as-is at this point, since I no longer work for the company I designed it for, and they haven’t asked for any maintenance on it.

  11. Igor says:

    sap great plugin i love it but i have some info for u as dev

    1st can u make option for users when they click on Avatar of DJ 2 show theres portfolio like what clubs they was workin what kind of music they stream ect..

    2nd is there way to gat direct skipe or msn or somethin 2 directly contact each dj that have show in time 2 forece interaction DJ listener.

    3rd if u need any1 2 test u can contact me on my site forum at any time.

    good day

  12. Daniele says:

    i have problem,i can’t add songs to playlist, i don’t see anything when i click add voice

  13. April says:

    When I used the widget ‘Upcoming DJ’ and “Coming Up DJ’ on the my website it seems to bunch up together. How do I fix it?

    • Nikki Blight says:

      You will have to customize the CSS styles to compliment your theme. As stated in the FAQ, you can copy the radio-station/templates/djonair.css file to your theme directory and make any changes to it you like.

  14. Jenny says:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for a great plugin.

    I would like to each dj’s “show” page content on a special profile page.

    Please advise what shortcode I can use to display individual shows on a custom profile page?

    eg content on http://website.com/show/show-name to be displayed on http://website.com/profile/john

  15. Jenny says:

    Nevermind, I have figured it out.
    Thank you.

  16. Saxon Mosh says:

    me again.
    most of the problems are sorted.. kinda.
    Is their a way to display all of the DJ’s in a widget or in a page?

    I may have missed something in the readme so I read it again.

  17. Dionysios says:

    Great plugin!! Love it…
    Just one question/request if I may….
    Is there a way to automatically refresh the widget to display the current dj without the need of refreshing the whole page?


    P.S. Already started translating it in Greek. Will send you the translation. Also, if you have the pot file for any new updates, you can send them to me…

  18. Since the update, the On Next information doesn’t show what’s actually next – it just shows what’s scheduled when there are no live DJs on…

  19. embarz says:

    after update to 2.0.5 dj on-air not show up…

    back use 2.0.4 again

  20. embarz says:

    antoher question. how to show 1 day show?

    example : on Monday it will display all show that scheduled on monday.and so on

  21. Since the update, the On Now widget doesn’t show who’s on, but the default info for when no one is on air..

    • Nikki Blight says:

      Double-check that the “Active” box is checked on your shows. The update corrected a bug that allowed the widget to pull in inactive shows, so that may be your problem.

      • Annette says:

        The time seems to be incorrect for the “ON AIR” widget to correctly function on my site. Would you mind directing me on how to fix this?? Thanks in advance for the assistance and most of all, THANKS for this awesome plugin!! Its just what I was looking for.

  22. Jason Hayes says:

    Anyway to change the colour of either certain shows or time slots on the schedule?

  23. Hi Nikki,

    Great plugin, thanks for the all the hard work!

    I think I found a wee bug with the current DJ on-air widget and shortcode. The dj_get_current() function fails to pick up DJs who are on over midnight, for example 11pm-1am. The shift displays correctly on the master-schedule but after midnight the current DJ defaults to “RadioBot”.

    Does this look like a bug, or am I doing something wrong here? What does the “Encore Presentation” checkbox do?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Nikki Blight says:

      Thanks for the report. I’ll look into it.

      The encore presentation checkbox just marks a broadcast as an encore (i.e. a rerun of an earlier broadcast). It’s only real purpose is to allow you the option of styling encores differently in the master schedule.

  24. Mike Rawlins says:

    Hi Nikki,

    Loving this plugin. One thing I’ve noticed is that my next scheduled show in the widget is showing next plus 24 hours for some reason.

    Example it is Wednesday currently my next show in the schedule is 0800 -1000 on Thursday but the widget is showing it as Friday 0800 – 1000

    I’m using standard date and time settings, I’ve tried setting the time as UTC+1 and as location to see if anything changes but it is still the same. Any ideas?

    • Nikki Blight says:

      Just to clarify, does the show in question actually have a Friday 8-10 slot on the schedule, or is it only displaying that in the widget?

      • Mike Rawlins says:

        Hi Nikki,

        Sorry for the delay in responding.

        yes the show is set for 0800 – 1000 Monday through Friday.

        It’s only on a test site at the moment and I’ve not seen the error since I posted the issue. I’ll keep an eye on it as I build the site and proper schedule and come back to you if it is still apparent 🙂

  25. Annette says:

    Nevermind on that last message… I figured it out. I had a moment!! Changed my site settings and it works perfectly!!!

  26. karen says:

    HI Nickki I am new to your plug in add have taken over admin for a radio web site with it, I was wanting to add a DJ name, how do I do this please? Thanks so much

  27. karen says:

    I think I may have figured it out.. It is when I add a new USER Yes ??

  28. karen says:

    IS it possible to add TWO DJ’s to one show, It doesn’t seem to want to let me do this

    thanks for your help


  29. Ofed says:

    hi Nikki,

    I wish to use your plugin to setup a radio station on my site. I am a beginner so pls. pardon me.

    My challenge is how to setup different shows, upload the relevant media/playlist for each show and have them play automatically to visitors to the site (according to the schedule only, whether on-air or off-air).

    Pls. how do I go about it?

    • Nikki Blight says:

      This is out of the scope of my plugin. Radio Station only provides an interface to create and display a schedule, and create a manually generated playlist archive. It does not handle the actual upload and streaming of media.

  30. José Luis says:

    Dear Nikki:

    First of all thank you for your work on “Radio Station”. We have installed in our wordpress latest version and start day of the week in the General preferences is set to “Monday”. I want to say that programs that have repeats every day of the week (and only these) when the “Friday” arrives Friday freezes, even Saturday or Sunday. If Monday delete repetition of “Friday” and insert back to return everything to work perfectly until the following Friday arrives. You know how we could fix this?.
    Waiting for your reply we will send you a big hug,

    José Luis Mateo

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