5 things to keep in mind when hiring a web developer

Businesses hire web developers because they need someone who knows how to get their name out there on the web. They hire us because we have technical knowledge that they don’t have available in-house, because they’re not comfortable taking on the task of building a website on their own, or because they simply don’t know […]

What I learned from DailyIllini.com

Waaaaay back in 2009, DailyIllini.com decided to get out and build and maintain the web incarnation of the University of Illinois’ student newspaper all on their own. The site’s former host, College Publisher, was no longer meeting the paper’s needs (and wants), and on top of that, it’s future was uncertain (it had recently been […]

Fun with Misery

What is it about the web that brings out the desire to torment the people who annoy you? Wandering the web today, I happened across what has to be one of the greatest Drupal modules ever created. Misery, inspired by vBulletin’s “Miserable Users” hack, is designed to randomly annoy, frustrate, and otherwise make online life […]

Nikki Blight – Web/PHP Developer