9 tips for protecting your digital life

So much of our lives is online nowadays… and most of the time we don’t really think too hard about how secure our data is. We trust that our passwords are strong enough that no one will guess them. We trust that the services we sign up for have solid protection. But how safe are […]

SOPA Blackout: The Aftermath

In the wake of SOPA Blackout Day, we’ve seen once again the dangers of angering the interwebz. We’ve also sent a very loud message that those of of who grew up in the age of computers and social media will not stand by and let clueless politicians destroy what we’ve had a hand in building.

Anti-SOPA is not Pro-piracy

Opposition of the SOPA legislation has become a lot more vocal over the past week or so… largely owing to the upcoming SOPA Blackout Day on January 18. At the same time, I’ve noticed a trend. People who oppose SOPA are being accused of wanting to protect piracy.

Google Plus for Businesses has finally arrived

Google took it’s next step toward becoming real competition for Facebook today. The long-awaited (by businesses, anyway) Google+ Pages for brands launched this morning.

Do we need another social networking site?

How connected do we really need to be these days? Facebook is ubiquitous in virtually everyone’s lives anymore, as is Twitter, and (in the professional world, anyway) LinkedIn. Now we have Google+… well, those who’ve managed to score an invite to the limited field trial do, anyway. Reportedly, the invite system was shut down due to excessive demand.

Nikki Blight – Web/PHP Developer