WordPress 3.7 and Automatic Updates

So, WordPress 3.7 has been released, and as of version 3.7, Wordpress now has an automatic core update feature. Awesome, right? Wordpress does all the updating for you, so all those pesky security patches get applied automagically.

Resetting a Lost MySQL password

Recently, I had the need to reset a lost MySQL root password. As it turns out, if you have root access to the server, it’s simple to the point of being trivial… so since I’m sure other people are bound to be in the same boat I was (and since I’ll forget it if I don’t write it down), here’s how you do it. Note that the server I was working was running Debian. Other flavors of Linux may require some slight tweaks.

Pardon the mess…

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my portfolio is currently undergoing some unexpected renovations. I’ll be adding more content as time goes on, and hopefully setting up a less default-looking WordPress theme in the near future.

Nikki Blight – Web/PHP Developer