WordPress Plugin – Radio Station

Radio Station is a plugin to run a radio station’s website. It’s functionality is based on Drupal 6’s Station plugin, reworked for use in Wordpress. The plugin includes the ability to associate users with “shows”, display the currently on-air DJ, store playlists, and more.

WordPress Plugin – Scheduled Announcement Widget

The Scheduled Announcements Widget lets you add a scrolling list of site announcements to any widgetized area of your site.

Anybody need a wish list?

Try my new wish list plugin. It’s just a quickie simple little thing, but someone might find it useful.

WordPress Plugin – My Wish List

Description This plugin allows you to create wish lists for your website, and display them on any post or page with simple shortcode. Include Item names, prices, sizes, colors, links, and photos so everyone knows what you want/need. Download WordPress Repo: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/my-wish-list/ Direct Downloads: Version 1.4.2 – 4/13/2015 Version 1.4.1 – 9/10/2014 Version 1.4 – […]

Redirecting QR Codes

A little experiment I created, since my employer has an interest in QR Codes. My new QR Redirect Plugin lets you redirect a WordPress permalink anywhere you want, and never have to update the QR code that points at it.

WordPress Plugin – QR Redirect

QR Code Redirect lets you set up your own QR Code redirection site. The plugin creates a new custom post type called QR Redirect, which generates a QR code that points to the post’s permalink. You may then specify any URL you like for the post to redirect to.

My new DJ On-Air Widget

If you’re in need of a WordPress widget that displays the DJ currently on air in the sidebar of your website, try my new WordPress plugin.

WordPress Plugin – DJ On-Air Widget

Description The DJ On-Air Widget adds a “Dj Shifts” field to user profiles that allows them to be scheduled for on-air shifts on an hourly basis and provides a sidebar widget that displays any user(s) scheduled for the current hour. Download WordPress Repo: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dj-on-air-widget/ Direct Downloads: Version 0.2.6 – 11/25/2011 ** bug fix** Version 0.2.5 […]

WordPress Plugin – Playlist217

Description Playlist 217 allows a radio station to maintain a live “now playing” list of tracks played on their station. It accepts an artist name and track title via a URL, stores it, and when possible matches it to the appropriate album art for display. Playlists can be displayed as “most recent” or from a […]

What I learned from DailyIllini.com

Waaaaay back in 2009, DailyIllini.com decided to get out and build and maintain the web incarnation of the University of Illinois’ student newspaper all on their own. The site’s former host, College Publisher, was no longer meeting the paper’s needs (and wants), and on top of that, it’s future was uncertain (it had recently been […]

Pardon the mess…

Due to unforeseen circumstances, my portfolio is currently undergoing some unexpected renovations. I’ll be adding more content as time goes on, and hopefully setting up a less default-looking WordPress theme in the near future.

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