Anybody need a wish list?

Try my new wish list plugin.  It’s just a quickie simple little thing, but someone might find it useful.

It lets you add a list of items with various bits or meta data, and images, and display the list in any page or post.  It was more of a personal challenge than anything else.

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4 Comments to "Anybody need a wish list?"

  1. Chubby says:

    Your website has to be the elercntoic Swiss army knife for this topic.

  2. Bebarce says:

    This so close to being a fully functional product for the schools I’m supporting but I’m just missing 2 bits of functionality.

    1. The ability to have a quantity to the item.
    2. The ability for people to pledge to a quantity of that item.

    This way if the school needs 30 iPads I can have a PTA pledge 10 of those needed iPads and have it reflect the number still needed in that quantity.

    • Bebarce says:

      Okay, I figured out how to add a quantity, but not yet how to reduce that quantity by the number of people who donate it, or let that quantity show up.

  3. Bebarce says:

    Sorry if I didn’t state it in the past post, but it is quite fantastic. Thank you for making it.

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