Websites Confirmed for the Jan 18 Blackout Protesting SOPA

For those keeping up with tech news, the internet is gearing up for a fight. Beginning with, serveral sites have pledged to go dark on January 18 in protest of SOPA and PIPA, the internet blacklist legislation currently making there way through Congress.

@thoughtpuzzle has created a Google Custom Search that removes all search results from sites going dark on Wednesday:

Below is a list of confirmed sites joining in:

Major update: Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales just confirmed that Wikipedia is joining in on Blackout Day!

Update #2: Google, while not planning to go dark, will still be participating in the Blackout Day protest.

The entire Cheezburger Network

Hacktivist group, Anonymous

Red 5 Studios, developer of the Firefall MMO and Popular MMO, Minecraft

NLB Creations
– my own site
Webmaster community Admin Forums

Web design company,

Gaming site Video Game Generation

Right Angle Recording

All sites in Major League Gaming’s network

Errata Security

XDA Developers

Gaming site,

Hey It’s Free!
– confirmed via email
Harder Blogger Faster

Colossal Mind

Sonic Retro
Working It Out – confirmed via comments
Through the Eyes of a Pirate – confirmed via Pirate Party
Cynical Brit
Platform Nation
Digital Suicide – confirmed via comments
Kahn Labs
Joyblind – confirmed via email
A Much Better Way – confirmed via comments
[H]ard OCP Gaming Community – confirmed via comments
Boing Boing
Inkerro – confirmed via comments
The Weekly Gripe – confirmed via comments
Leslie Networks – “We will not be preforming a full black out but will be displaying a SOPA message on our site and possibly more.” – via comments and Twitter
WordPress for Business Websites – confirmed via comments
Simply Fixed – confirmed via comments
FriendStream – confirmed via comments
TacticalCraft – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
EcchiDreams (link NSFW) – confirmed via comments
RaGEZONE – confirmed via comments
Raspberry Pi – confirmed via comments and site
GeNyaa – confirmed via comments
Rational Responders – confirmed via comments
Brian Sapient – confirmed via comments
Celebrity Atheists – confirmed via comments
Purpose of Christmas – confirmed via comments
Atheism United – confirmed via comments
Emerald Angel Comics – confirmed via comments
Fairy Tail Episode – confirmed via comments
Vanilla Forums – confirmed via comments
Icrontic – confirmed via comments
New Buddhist – confirmed via comments
This is Xbox
CnC Fansite – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
egoArchive – confirmed via comments
Olivero Broadcasting Group – confirmed via comments
BHR Hosting – confirmed via comments
Red Dawn Movie News
Splitkick – via Twitter
Kona’s Korner
Radioactive Nerd – via Twitter
Talking About Games
Cheapitarianism – confirmed via comments
Shaking the Tree – confirmed via comments
Hypocrites In Politics – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Quandu – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
The Damned – confirmed via comments
Ian’s Brain – confirmed via comments
BitBid – confirmed via comments
Open Of Course – confirmed via comments
Tech Humanity – confirmed via comments
The Freelancer Today
Nerd Reactor
Stumble Down Under
Sfera Hosting – confirmed via comments
Tekeremata – confirmed via comments
Secta Hentai (link NSFW) – confirmed via comments
Partido Pirata – confirmed via comments
Jovenes Piratas – confirmed via comments
Pirata Salocin – confirmed via comments
Amanecer Sombrio – confirmed via comments
Kobra Photography – confirmed via comments
Wikipedia – confirmed via Twitter
Super Seed Box – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
RootzWiki – confirmed via comments
Regretsy - confirmed via Facebook – confirmed via comments
What Time In – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Eclipse Guild – confirmed via comments
Mobile Express DJs – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Ani.Me – confirmed via comments (and also her Wizzley and Suite 101 profiles) – confirmed via comments
The House that a Girl Called Johnny Built – confirmed via comments
Jo’s Library – confirmed via comments
Merch Gwyar’s Blog – confirmed via comments
Council of Elrond – confirmed via comments
Political Buddies
John Shaw Computers – confirmed via comments
John Show for Florida State Senate – confirmed via comments
The Economic Populist – confirmed via comments
That’s Wut She Said – confirmed via comments
Bollywood Chat – confirmed via comments
Double Cross Reviews – confirmed via comments
Blamonet – confirmed via comments
Anonymous Iberoamerica – confirmed via comments
The Grindery – confirmed via comments
ROCKET-IT and subdomains – confirmed via comments
AfterLifeLochie – confirmed via comments – confirmed via email
TechnoBuffalo – confirmed via comments
Brony Farm – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Stiffy Style – confirmed via comments
GTA Police Mods – confirmed via comments
Tech Direct Services – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Civilized Disobedience – confirmed via comments
One Good Year – confirmed via comments
LOL Bucket – confirmed via comments
Din Studio – confirmed via comments
Krisp Visions – confirmed via comments
HosterBlog – confirmed via comments
The Longest Way Home – confirmed via comments
SuMob – confirmed via comments
English Forums – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
PostLibertarian – confirmed via comments
SHPodcast – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Fellowship of Minds – confirmed via comments
Mizozo – confirmed via comments
Razer – confirmed via comments and Reddit – confirmed via comments
Reality Rejection – confirmed via comments
Haunted Nations – confirmed via comments
AmpleFM – confirmed via email
Bodhi Linux – confirmed via comments
Cultural Transmogrifier – confirmed via comments
Arabist Blog
CUNY Academic Commons
Free Frag – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Ninja Promo – confirmed via comments
TheShockWav YouTube channel – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
BlizzPlanet – confirmed via comments
Lapse Radio – confirmed via comments
DuckDuckGo – confirmed via comments
F & R Computers – confirmed via comments
North Decoder – confirmed via comments
Omnimaga – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Rangerboard – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Poeta Portis – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Klock-N-Craft – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Penguin George – confirmed via comments
Dan’s Computer Service – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Beyond Online – confirmed via comments
Political Idiots – confirmed via comments
Calamities of Nature – confirmed via comments
Looking for Detachment – confirmed via comments
Left Hemispheres – confirmed via comments
Shakespeare Monologues – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
XBMC – confirmed via comments
The Internet Archive – confirmed via comments
Rock Paper Shotgun – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Colorado Pols – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Treeskunk Productions – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Crit Craft, along with user’s YouTube and accounts – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Freebie Professor – confirmed via comments
Bermudez Hosting – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Reggaeton News – confirmed via comments
MAKE and all of O’Reilly Media – confirmed via comments and site
Victoria H.’s school website – confirmed via comments
First Network Group, Inc. – confirmed via email
Marxist Internet Archive – confirmed via comments
The_Doctor’s blog
Action Coders
Surviving the World
Metal Delirium – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Quiet Waters – confirmed via comments
Mind of Me – confirmed via comments
GigDig – confirmed via comments
Year of the Novel – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
NotiHack – confirmed via comments
Tecnomundo – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments – confirmed via comments
Cronicas klaydark – confirmed via comments
abisora – confirmed via comments
Hacking Jungle
Masked Magic
Demon Breun Inn
Truth Wars
Board Game Geek
Ponies of War
Doll Divine
Kitty Zombie
Chronicles of Humanity
Distro Gaming
MSPaint Adventures
Clipser Videos
Equestria Daily
Game Rave
Book Slingers
Radical Pregnancy
NoteScoop and all of its sites
Natural News
Crafting From the Heart
My Opinionated Ass
Geek Hangout
Asterion Serveurs
Windows to Liberty
Pround to be a Mom
SEO Right Now
The entire Active9 network
FE Energy

Additional sites via Reddit (thanks Cori!):

GOOD Evening
Rage Maker



Doxie Lovers Club

– They won’t be going completely black, but will be posting censored versions of their site.
Age of Coins – A Minecraft server and forum
A Softer World
This Is Why Im Broke

Cake Wrecks
(via Twitter: Cake Wrecks will be joining @reddit in going dark on 1/18 to protest #SOPA. Have a blog? Then join us!
Dance Top 40

Code Labs
The Ikids Blog
MMO Melting Pot
Inficron Technologies
Geek Culture and the Joy of Tech comic
Quiet Speculation
Trigger Pit
Random Software

What can you do to show your support?

Facebook users are also urged to protest by joining the “Stop Internet Censorship by Protesting SOPA event” and posting censored photo galleries to their Facebook walls on the 18th.

WordPress users wanting to join in the protest might find the SOPA Blackout plugin, which adds a temporary 503 status and customisable page to your site automatically. Blogspot users can easily show their support, too.

This list will be updated as I find out about more participating websites. If anyone has news of other sites joining in the protest, let me know (please include your source) so I can add them to the list.

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303 Comments to "Websites Confirmed for the Jan 18 Blackout Protesting SOPA"

  1. Cori Summers says:

    Thank you for making this list! I have a few other sites that have confirmed they will also be blacking out on Jan 18. These are smaller sites, but every one counts!
    Source unless otherwise stated: (

    Red 5 Studios

    GOOD Evening

    Rage Maker



    Doxie Lovers Club

    Twitpic – They won’t be going completely black, but will be posting censored versions of their site.

    Age of Coins – A Minecraft server and forum


    A Softer World

    This Is Why Im Broke

    Cake Wrecks (via Twitter: Cake Wrecks will be joining @reddit in going dark on 1/18 to protest #SOPA. Have a blog? Then join us!

    Hey, It’s Free!

    Dance Top 40

    Thanks again!

  2. Omar Saif says:

    My website is joining the strike as well

  3. Cori Summers says:

    No problem! I just found a few more:

    Newgrounds (Source)

    Seibertron (Source; about halfway down the page)

    Through the Eyes of a Pirate
    “I will be taking down “Through the Eyes of A Pirate”, my resume website, and my elections website (not fully active) for January 18th as a part of the black-out. I will also be disabling my “Northern Cyclist” wordpress (it’s dormant anyways, but may as well). None of them are particularly high-traffic sites, but it’s something I can do unilaterally to participate in the black-out.
    As for pulling the PPCA site. This was brought up during the Political Board meeting lastnight, and was met with some concern, namely around the timing of the General Assembly. From the general idea, I don’t think it will be going down, however a message will be posted to the front page concerning SOPA and the blackout.”
    « Last Edit: Today at 01:18:38 PM by Shawn Gray » (Source)

    Cynical Brit
    Totalbiscuit @Totalbiscuit
    I will black out both my YT channels, livestream and with a static anti-SOPA message for 24 hours on the 18th of this month. (Source via Twitter)

    Thanks again! And by the way, I’ve posted a link to this page on Reddit. I’m hoping other people will help build this list too.

  4. Clay Allen says:

    As insignificant as my small gaming community is, I am also doing a blackout.

  5. Nikki Blight says:

    Great! Adding them now.

  6. Kyle says:

    Add under Reddit please! I am the founder/Owner of SeekMyBeat and I AM STRONGLY AGAINST SOPA! MY Site will be joining the blackout!

  7. Sheryl says:

    We will be blacking out our site:

  8. Travis says:

    The [H]ard | OCP Gaming Community [H]ard | Gaming will also have a full blackout.

  9. Nikki Blight says:

    Awesome… keep ‘em coming!

  10. Our online social magazine, Inkerro, will be having a blackout.

  11. We will not be preforming a full black out but will be displaying a SOPA message on our site and possibly more.

    Just for confirmation:!/LeslieNetworks/status/157960327894548482

  12. It’s not much I know, we get a few thousand visitors a day, but The Weekly Gripe will be joining the blackout.

  13. Chris says:

    I know I don’t have a ton of traffic on any of my sites but I will be installing the SOPA WordPress plugin and plan on shutting my handful of sites down for the day, the biggest being WordPress for Business Websites. I am also going to try to get my clients to let me put the plugin on their sites. I fear much of these sites will be “preaching to the choir” and we need to get non-tech sites in on it.

  14. Sburns says: (A local business) is taking down their site the 18th and 23, and possible there sister company too.

  15. brantje says: will also go black on Jan 18th.
    This my own website, which handles the updates from foursquare, twitter and facebook.

    I will alter the user timeline, so in the evening they will learn about SOPA :)

  16. Michael says:

    I have a few others:
    My Minecraft server and forum:

    As well as a large Minecraft server providor:


  17. EcchiDreams says:

    Our Hentai Community [EcchiDreams] will be joining this blackout.

  18. MentaL says:

    MMORPG development community shall also be blacked out during the protest.

  19. Dave says: has confirmed that they too will be participating.

  20. GeNyaa says: shall also be blacked out during the protest.

  21. To draw attention to SOPA and encourage people to speak up about it I will be blacking out my websites. At one point the largest of my sites was the most visited atheist website in the world. I estimate 25,000 unique visitors will hit my SOPA awareness page between 8 am and 8 pm. I urge all other webmasters to do the same. My only complaint is that we don’t shut down for the whole week. It would be worth it to ensure our future.

    These sites will be blocked, and more:
    Rational Responders
    Brian Sapient
    Celebrity Atheists
    Purpose of Christmas
    Atheism United

  22. EmeraldTokyo says:

    Emerald Angel Comics will also blackout on the 18th in protest. The urls are and Thanks for the info on the wordpress sopa blackout plugin. It makes my job easier. :D


  23. Fairy Tail says:

    I have a number of websites which I will also close down for this day. we must fight SOPA!

  24. I can confirm these sites will be blacked out as well:

  25. yt75 says:

    I don’ know SOPA in details, but for me regarding piracy, if the basic principles are :
    1) against piracy centers and not end users (always centers in piracy due to the need for catalogs and search amongst other things, “peer to peer” also a lot of hypocrisy in the terms and everybody knows it)
    2) No monitoring at all of end users flow, or collection of their IPs, a formal complaint required from somebody about a user acting as a center
    3) All procedures are legal and public
    Then it clearly is the right way to do it, not to forget that if piracy doesn’t create any revenues for authors and creators, it does create some (and not a little) for some people :

    Note : above more developed below (but in French) :
    And “zero piracy” doesn’t matter in anyway (not more than school kids exchanging files), problem is when it becomes the default and easiest access method for works and publications.
    But on this, in order to have a real “user experience” added value in buying instead of pirating, and this in a non quasi monopolistic environment (or with just 2 or three “monsters”), clearly something like below would be needed :
    And a little cartoon :

    • Nikki Blight says:

      You’ll get no argument from me that piracy is a problem… but SOPA is not the way to go about fixing it. SOPA is the equivalent of trying to swat a fly with a rocket launcher. Yeah, you might kill the fly, but god only knows what else you’re going to blow up in the process.

      The biggest concern with SOPA is not that it may stop piracy (which, to be honest, is a big assumption… if piracy were really that easy to stop it, would have been done a long time ago), but rather that the overwhelmingly broad power of the legislation can (and almost certainly will) be abused by those who wield it.

      • Allan Bernier says:

        I love your quote and I understand better with your remark, and I had copied and pasted your quote and of course, put your name next to it… your description of SOPA is loud and clear. Thanks!

  26. hotrods20 says:

    CnCFansite is joining the cause. Anything to help keep the net free.

  27. ROYAL FALCON says:


  28. Faio Admin says: [Popular site to listen to Adventures in Odyssey episodes] will join the ever growing list and blackout January 18th. [Users will be redirected to]

  29. Matt Olivero says: and we are going for blackout

    Owner Ollie

  30. Cori Summers says:

    Love how much this list is growing!

    Red Dawn (Source)

    Splitkick @splitkickcom 8h Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    We will be joining the #SOPA Blackout on January 18th from 8am to 8pm EST. Visit… to learn more. (cc: @theECA)

    Gaming Bus

    Konas Korner (
    Radioactive Nerd (
    Frost @RANFrost 2h
    Radioactive Nerd and Konas Korner go Dark #SOPA @theECA @JVB (via @KonasKorner)

    Talk About Games
    The @Talkaboutgames website has officially began their Blackout Protest against #SOPA. We will be back up on 1/19/12.

  31. Blake says: will be going down the 18th as well

  32. Lydia says:

    My site doesn’t get much traffic but add me to the list of black-outers!

  33. Shelli says:

    I will be blacking out both my blog and my website on the 18th:
    Shaking the Tree
    Hypocrites In Politics

  34. Catharina says:

    Our site for open content e-learning will join too of course..

  35. Pxl says:

    Can internet users join in, in the blackout? Would that help to get the attention of major advertisers? Just a thought…

  36. Ken says:

    Hi, my name is ken, i am the owner of Tech Humanity Forums. I will join the website blackout protest. My website is, please include me in the list. Contact me through my email.

  37. SferaHosting says:

    Hi, Im the leader of and I will be close with blockout, the 18 of january, and 23 of january :) Im support many comunities of free source and other websites, and they will be close too (

  38. My political blog will be close with blockout the 28th and 23th of january in protest to SOPA/ PIPA / SINDE

  39. SferaHosting says:

    I’m a hosting provider and I will be close ALL my website, and many osf my clients will be close too. Im support many free source projects and fansub comunities.
    My political blog will be close with blockout the 28th and 23th of january in protest to SOPA/ PIPA / SINDE
    My sites I will be blackout :

    Sites of my client say confirm close :

  40. I just added the SOPA Blackout plugin to my photography business’ website and blog, both powered by WordPress. I will be blacking out these sites on January 18th, as well as the 23rd and 24th. As such, my small business may be affected by this blackout, but stopping censorship of the internet is a good cause. Even though my business is Canadian owned and operated, I have clients in the US, and it would be a major blow to my business if my sites ended up being blocked. I own the exclusive copyright to all my content, but who knows what the US government might consider piracy. We need to put an end to this bill NOW!

  41. DrMacinyasha says:

    Add RootzWiki to that list. Us staff have been discussing it, and the admins have agreed that we’ll be joining the blackout.

  42. spookiewon says:

    According to their Facebook page, will be dark as well.

  43. Paul says: will also be going dark to protest SOPA/PIPA

  44. Logan says:

    I’ll be joining as well, but I’ll shut down the night before; I don’t get up at 8am :))

  45. Logan says:

    Sorry, I meant to say is joining.

  46. is joining the fight and will be blacked out.

  47. will be dark

  48. RyanWhitman says:

    My online gaming discussion forum will be blacked out on the 18th

  49. and Ani.Me will also go black.

  50. I’m a freelance writer. I have several joining the blackout.

    My website and two personal blogs will be down:

    The owner of Wizzley has agreed to make my profile inactive:

    The owners of Suite101 can’t temporarily take me off, so I’ll just be removing my profile information and inserting a black picture instead. That was their suggestion to get around it:

    And my Runescape blog will be set to private, with the header altered to show it’s a SOPA protest:

    That’s all of my bases!

  51. Rivka says:

    Council of Elrond will be going dark on the 18th:

  52. Motwera says:

    My site may not be popular but I have a pre-made kit I got from anon to have my site displaying things on why SOPA and PIPA are bad, I can confirm that my site “3WORLD!” will be joining this protest and will inaccessible from any other pages expect the banner and anti-SOPA info.

  53. John Shaw says:


    I will be blacking out both my business and political sites on January 18. Feel free to add them to your list:

    Best wishes to all.

    - John

  54. Robert Oak says:

    The Economic Populist will be offline January 18th to protest the SOPA and PIPA legislation.

  55. Troy Whiteley says:

    I am taking down as well. Doesn’t get much traffic, but every little bit counts, right? I’m guessing most of my traffic is from people who don’t know what SOPA/PIPA is.

  56. Our site Bollywood Chat will be participating by displaying a SOPA notice with links and further information.

  57. Our site Bollywood Chat will be participating by displaying a SOPA notice with links and further information.

  58. Staci says:

    My anime and manga review blog, Doube Cross Reviews will be going dark on the 18th as well.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous Iberoamerica blog – and will also be offline for #SOPA

  60. You can add to that list.

    I’m so happy to see large and small sites doing this!

  61. Our business, ROCKET-IT ( and our subdomains – AfterLifeLochie at ROCKET-IT ( and our gaming servers ( are already in the procedure of being shut down and suspended so we’re ready in time.

  62. Jay says: has a possibility of blacking out also. Our site here has almost 700 users, so more nice blackout goodness. :)

  63. Blackout website says: will also be blacking out that day!

  64. and will be down too. If you need any further evidence, check the twitter @bronyfarm

  65. Tom says:, although in it’s early stages, would rather eat shit than not protest the abomination of SOPA and PIPA. We will go dark

  66. We in the GTA community think SOPA and PIPA are unconstitutional in accordance with everyone else we will be taking down our webservices for in protest to the bills pending in the senate and congress.

  67. James Watt says:

    We will be pulling our business website down as well as my personal site for a hard blackout (full 24 hours).

    Business site:
    Personal site:

  68. I’ll be taking my two sites off for the day: and as well as staying off social media sites for the day. Well, except maybe Twitter…

  69. Josh says:

    My web site will be joining the blackout in protest of SOPA and PIPA.

  70. Josh says:

    our small but merry band of book reviewers based on the core will be down, including sites like,,, and a few more.

  71. Kristen says:

    I’m in! Bringing down all day on the 18th, and any other blackout day. We stand united against SOPA/PIPA!

  72. Dave says: Will be blacking out as PIPA still seems to be going through!

  73. TibTibs says:

    I will be joining the blackout with my website which has had over 1.6 million unique users since late 2008. Though I don’t have any user generated content, I would like to help raise awareness of SOPA.

  74. Vam Tam says:

    Many of my project Gonna be Off for All this week.

  75. Glen says:

    The ones that should join to really get this support are

    They both stand to get effected.
    Google should blacken their page that day as well, even if fully functional

  76. Frank West says:

    We’ll be taking down and will redirect around 1/4 million mostly non-American users to the censorship information pages. Good luck internet.

  77. joshua says: wil be joining the blackout!

  78. mimi says:

    SHPodcast have decided to blackout their site on the 18th and the 23rd of Jan

  79. Sandra says: is not based in United States, also we actually do not think we host any even potentially problematic content. Our site and contributing community are relatively small and everything we include can be seriously checked.
    However while maybe this time we do not share Wikipedia problems at the moment (who knows the future?), we do share the spirit and will suspend our activity as a sign of solidarity. Eclipse mirror, and will also be suspended. All server will be simply powered down.

  80. Jcink says:

    We’re a free forum hosting provider. Our main site will be blacked out for 12 hours.

  81. Mizozo says:

    Mizozo will also go dark on January 18th.

  82. Nikolai says:

    I can confirm all sites in the Reality Rejection network will be blacked out. These include and

  83. betelgeux says:

    I will be blacking out my classic shaving tutorials on youtube. Not a full site I know but it’s all I have right now.

  84. HeliX says: – PSP Community forums will also protest for SOPA tomorrow.

  85. Alan P. says:

    My blog – will also go dark tomorrow, Jan 18th.

  86. Gaming Community will be blacking out on the 18th as well.

  87. Sean says:

    A gaming community that I’m an admin for is shutting down the website for the day.

  88. Matt says:

    The CUNY Academic Commons ( will go dark tomorrow in protest of SOPA and PIPA:

    Please add us to your list. Thanks.

  89. Mike says:

    The staff at Cultural Transmogrifier opposes SOPA and will be joining the blackout tomorrow.

  90. aeonius says:

    We at Bodhi Linux are also joining in.

  91. Rebecca says:

    I will be joining the black out too. It’s a small blog with few readers, but every bit helps in this fight.

  92. A. Riehl says:

    My personal blogs ( , among others) will be going down. Also, and , as well as the Minecraft servers associated with same, will be going down (99% probability).

  93. Just found out the english version of Wikipedia will also be participating.

  94. Digifiend says:

    Looks like Rangerboard is joining in.

  95. Tom says:

    A major calculator development site,, will be participating (or at least they plan to).

  96. Chet says: will participate in the blackout.

  97. Jacob Rettig says:

    F&R Computers is 100 % against the SOPA bill and will be shutting down their website on Wednesday January 18th 2012 in protest of this bill. The website will reopen the following Thursday.

    Jacob Rettig

  98. Paul Spoerry says:

    Use CloudFlare to protest in an SEO friendly way that won’t penalize your SERP or your visitors, but still get the message across!
    *GitHub: source if you dont want to use CloudFlare:*
    *In action:* I have it running if you want to check it out:

  99. RyanWhitman says:

    URGENT – My new address is

    We will not be fully out but I will be created a forum that redirects to the stop SOPA & PIPA page.

  100. William Beach says: won’t be going black, but they are taking action. E-mail message below:

    Gabriel Weinberg replied:
    Thank you! We really appreciate your taking the time to share your feedback with us.

    We will be changing our logo and linking to a site to help webmasters add stop sopa widgets to their sites.
    JAN 17, 2012 | 11:30AM EST
    Original message
    williambeach wrote:
    Will DuckDuckGo be joining the blackout to protest SOPA/PIPA on January 18th?

  101. Me says:

    I didn’t see craigslist on there (maybe I missed it). But they are blacking out as well.

  102. Stathinho says:

    Lapse Radio Station will be down too! We are against SOPA!

  103. Medievaldragon says:

    The following joined SOPA blackout on Jan 16th … Blizzard Entertainment registered fansite: Blizzplanet – World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III news and previews of Blizzard licensed products.

  104. Jeff says:

    According to CNET, Google will be joining in the protest against SOPA/PIPA, though they will not apparently be going dark..

  105. Jeeferz says: – Joining the fun too!

  106. George Jones says:

    The small software startup company Penguin George ( will be having a blackout. Stated on their website.

  107. You can count us in! – My Business (Computer Repair Company) – My Personal Site – One of our clients websites (We host it)

    I would be at a loose end if this bill gets passed, so all organisations and groups have the full support of both myself and my business partner in stoping SOPA.


  108. is a new blog but we’ll be joining in with the protest. We are, after all, here to discuss the ridiculous things our politicians do!

  109. Tony Piro says:

    Calamities of Nature will be joining the black out as well

  110. Silver Fox says:

    My blog Looking for Detachment will be dark for 24 hours.

  111. and will go dark tomorrow.

  112. Sam says:

    Rocket Paper Shotgun, one of the most popular PC Gaming News sites

  113. SocialMeds says:

    Our social media services company will be blacking out as well., as well as our twitter, facebook, and google+ will all be silent.

  114. Colorado Pols, the state’s largest political discussion blog, will be offline all day tomorrow in protest of SOPA/PIPA.

  115. Paul Shelley says:

    Our group, Treeskunk Productions, will be going dark as it will effect machinima makers like us if it is passed.

  116. Andru Quinn says:

    Add is confirmed going down too

  117. Bahska says:

    My blog will be blacked out that whole day. I will be stripping away all of the content on my YouTube page and instead feature messages on this cause, same with my account.

    Yes im a lower man on the totem pole but you have to fight against what you feel is wrong, if you don’t you can’t complain.

  118. XgrantwallX says:

    My gaming related website will be going dark as well.

  119. I will be temporarily un-publishing my school website for now as well!

  120. Josh R says: Make: (and all of O’Reilly Media) will be going dark.

  121. William Beach says:

    Marxists Internet Archive will be joining. — message on their front page.

    this is what they’ll be displaying:

  122. is closed, several members of are blacking out their pages, but the site as a whole is currently NOT closed.

  123. RJ says: will also be participating in the protest.

  124. Whitney says: will also be participating in the blackout tomorrow.

  125. William Beach says:

    AlterNet — — will be joining as well. E-mail message:

    Hi William,

    Thanks for contacting us. Yes, I understand that our homepage will be going dark in protest of SOPA/PIPA tomorrow.

    Best wishes,

    On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 12:07 AM, wrote:

    Name: William Beach
    E-mail: williambeach@***.com


    Will be joining the blackout to protest SOPA/PIPA on January 18th?

    Kristen Lee
    Communications & Development Associate
    415.284.1420 x308

  126. We are observing the Total Blackout of the Internet
    In Protest to S.O.P.A. January 18th 2012

    Freedom of speech should never be taken away!
    The Government has no business censoring us from ourselves!
    The internet is a public domain area and should be off limits of the United States Government!

  127. GigDig says: has already blackened all user pages and hosted domains with an alert graphic pointing to the Electronic Frontiers Foundation (EFF).
    Question is, Will the EFF be blacking out as well?

  128. Nikkular says:

    Year of the Novel ( will be joining the strike tomorrow.

  129. Mayor McDaniels says:

    I dont want the Internet blackout.People use webesites to do homework and see there grads for school.I hate all of you.I cant believe that you want the Internet blackout ><

    • Calahan says:

      This is not about you, so stop crying. This is about our freedom and future, not about a couple little assignments.

    • Matt says:

      We want it to blackout so that the internet will realize that without it things would change forever. So much would happen. If it starts with this then it spreads to other countries and before you know it you will not even have internet. Plus if it gets passed anyone who has any kind of copyrighted material like a song in the background of a video that can be barely can be charged 5 years in prison…..

    • Wild Spirit says:

      You seem to be misunderstanding something here. Not all internet addresses are going to be effected. If you’re researching something on say Google, you can still do it. Maybe not all sites may be available for use but you still have some material to work on. And I highly doubt that a school website would participate in the blackout either so there’s no problem on your end if you’re trying to look up your grades.

  130. William Beach says:

    Michael Moore is joining. I personally can’t stand him… but it’s for the cause!

  131. will be joining the protest.

  132. Confirmo que se une al Backout el 18 de Enero (J18)

  133. andres says:

    Notihack tambien se une a esta protesta

  134. Jorge says: a Spanish technology blog will be joining the blackout

  135. definitivamente me voy negro….blockout…..a partir de 10 am, hasta 18 horas…..saludos desde Tijuana Mexico

  136. Cait says:

    You may have seen this already, but has a great option available:

  137. Klaydark says:

    my blog will be joining the blackout in protest of SOPA

  138. ISSA Lima, Perú confirma el apoyo a #Sopablackout #blackout #NoSOPA #StopSOPA

  139. apoya #Sopablackout #blackout #NoSOPA #StopSOPA

  140. is down early as of now, protesting the SOPA and PIPA already.

  141. heberto nava says:

    sdc diseño web y hospedaje confimado protesta contra ley sopa

  142. Guillermo says:
    Joins the blackout day, cheers.

  143. Erin says:

    My website and blog will also be joining in the protest:

  144. Active9 says:

    The entire Active 9 network will be going dark in support.

  145. Oiram X says:

    Estamos con ustedustedes

  146. Logan says:

    I fully support this effort but it is always more effective to use correct English. Learn the difference between “there”, “their” and “they’re”.
    Over there in Washington DC they’re going to destroy the internet with their SOPA/PIPA bills.

  147. Rick London says:

    Dear NIB Creations,

    Thank you for the list. My wife Lee Hiller-London and I are blacking out our sites to support “No-SOPA” on Jan 18. My cartoon site “Londons Times Cartoons” is now blacked out and Lee’s nature/photography and gift/clothing design site is as well. I will keep my Twitter site open to explain why @RickLondon as will Lee @LeeHillerLondon. We are all against Internet piracy (especially working in the arts) but this bill makes the pirates look like Mary Poppins compared to those backing it. To our knowledge we are the only husband/wife design team participating in this important online demonstration. Thank you for posting it.

  148. The Following site will be blacked out

    Kindest Thoughts and Wishes,

  149. fr4nciisko says:


  150. The GI Network Ghost and Paranormal is in ………..
    We will be blacking out at midnight central time …………….

  151. belinda says:

    Post secret announced their blackout decision via twitter earlier this evening.

  152. Ryuichi says:

    I’m the co-CEO of Rockyn Resinoyds Clothing and More! LLC, and my partner and I have joined the protest. Feel free to add our name to the list.

    STOP CENSORSHIP! Keep the internet the way it is!


  153. Jon says:

    My site, will be doing the blackout as well.

  154. Bahska says:

    a late entry – Gamertag Radio is going black at midnight to protest SOPA.

  155. Andre M says: is down, very popular conspiracy website.

  156. mm says:

    I wish some of the big sites like YouTube (as someone said already), Deviantart, Livejournal,, ect would get involved…they’d definitely be affected by this.

  157. Braunson says:

    I will be blacking out my complete site, source myself the owner and operator –

  158. Chrissy Snow says:

    I have removed all of my sites and redirected them to Wikipedia for the day.

    I also found Craigslist was down to show their support as well!
    Stop the internet censorship and tell congress we won’t stand for it!

    God bless the USA!

  159. zazra says:

    Geek hangout is down too. is going down too.

  160. xBlinkedx says:
    The Ludum Dare indie game making site is having a competition for indie devs to make anti SOPA and PIPA video games today.

  161. My website is now dark in protest of SOPA/PIPA!

  162. my site will be too!

  163. I will not be posting on any of my 4 Channels tomorrow to help protest… Everyone join in!

  164. Mitch says: blacked out in support of Ron Paul’s stand against SOPA and PIPA

  165. Stefan says:

    You can add to the list. Will be down for 24 hours in protest.

    Thanks! for posting the list. Found it via Google search.

  166. Bobo says:

    I am going to participate in the protest as well and getting others to do the same.

  167. Cj says:

    I know it’s a blog but I will but shutting this down at or around 1:00am centeral time U.S. for 24 hours

  168. DBabbit says:

    My blog will be joining the blackout to protest SOPA.

  169. da404lewzer says:

    My site will also be joining the blackout. will be down for 24 hours.

  170. Tom says:

    My blog is blacked out…


  171. MutatedCow says:

    Just confirming that is joining in.

  172. Matt says:

    I am block out my tech talk blog as well and not using my internet at all unless i need to look up on wants happening with SOPA…

  173. Fabio Melo says:

    We support this movement against SOPA.

    My blog is small but I want to protest against.

  174. Derek Miller says:

    We’re on-board. is officially dark.

  175. MrShuvel says:

    Also which is one of my favorite sites..check it daily and dammit..I cant today. to hell w/ sopa.

  176. hulagirl says: is also participating.

  177. Rcoder says:

    We opposes SOPA and PIPA because these bills would censor the Internet and slow economic growth in the U.S.

  178. Damien says:

    My animated webseries wouldn’t exist without the internet being an open place for creative people to meet and share their work.

    As such, Chronicles of Humanity will be going dark, displaying a message and embedding Swordmaster’s video.

  179. Rcoder says:

    We oppose SOPA and PIPA because these bills would censor the Internet and slow economic growth in the U.S.

  180. Mithical says:

    Blacking out at, and via a buddy at

  181. Francisco S. says:

    Addict3dtoGames Blog is officially on strike! Say no to SOPA/PIPA!!

  182. My blog be joining the blackout in protest of SOPA!

  183. wachaca says: down balckout protesting sopa

  184. Tyler White says:, and all of the sites it owns at NoteScoop LLC, will be participating in the blackout

  185. Simone says:

    Confirming Blackout on

    Radical Pregnancy

  186. Ahiam94 says: has joined the fight against SOPA!

  187. Jason Dvorak says: checking in. We’re now blacked out.

  188. Muffinstien says:
    will also be joining the blackout. Confirmed via Tumblr post.

  189. E. Hooves says:

    I don’t want to force ponies where they don’t belong, but since there’s already a few sites on the list, I’d just like note that Equestria Daily, one of the bigger blogs/communities, took up a blackout banner and stated there will be no updates on the 18th just before midnight.

  190. DC User says:

    DragonCave is participating with a Blackout skin, confirmed upon visiting and via their forums:

  191. Netbug009 says:

    MSPaintAdventures, best known for the popular web series Homestuck, is officially blacking out for the day:

  192. N3X15 says: is joining the protest. Since our site administrator set up the notice and he’s probably drunk, we’re unsure how long it will be offline.

  193. Jaymie says: is participating. this is my site and if this bill is passed, im sure it will be censored immensely.

    we will not be going black, but we will have a censored version of the site for the day.

  194. Jay says: has also joined the blackout

  195. Warchamp7 says: is also blacked out

  196. Patrick says:

    phpBB has partially darkened their site as well:

  197. name says:

    OSnews is also blacking out:

  198. arandomname says:

    OSnews is also blacking out in protest:

  199. Katie says:

    Just read on my FB that and my friends websites for will also be blacked out.

  200. Katie says: and my friend’s site, will also be blacked out.

  201. Andrei says:

    theCHIVE will transform itself into an online petition.

  202. broniesinarms says:

    in addition to and, blogsite EquestriaDaily is parcipating in the blackout.

    However, they have taken google’s approch and blacked out thier logo, as well as annoucing the blog will not be updated today.

  203. Frax says: is out too.

  204. Guns and Games (club on MangaBullet) went dark

    As did its owner’s profile:

  205. teli says:

    Add to the list!

    We’re blackin’ out!

    Peace Liberty Lives!

  206. Colin says:

    I’m now blacked out too. =)

  207. joining the black out with my business web page.

  208. Ichigo says:
    This website is off-line too.

  209. Demon Bruen Inn, ffrp gaming information site will be down for the 18th. Only the home page visible with a notice about SOPA and PIPA

  210. Craig Burr says:

    I have also taken my site down for the blackout at

  211. Hakan Özerdem says:

    Here is a website from Turkey joining the SOPA Protest.
    You can add

  212. vass says:

    Not entirely blacked out, but you can black out individual photos in protest.

  213. Buen día a nuestros seguidores, amigos y compañeros se les informa que GUSLCA esta en contra de la ley S.O.P.A y el sitio estará en Blackout en forma de “PROTESTA” por esta ley. Para mas información:

  214. dan recchi says:

    Will Be down Jan 18 2012

  215. Marc says:

    Hy I’m from Germany,

    here you can Sign the petition to save the Internet.
    very importent Website


  216. strugler says:

    my webiste is also blacked out because of sopa

  217. CarrieLynn Reinhard says:

    Also Clearance Bin Review: It’s joined the SOPA Strike.

  218. Damien says:

    Forgot to include URL to the Chronicles of Humanity website in my post about going dark:

  219. [...] to see more to join today and Wednesday. It will be interesting to see what the Google doodle that day will be. [...]

  220. [...] Llocs web confirmats per l’aturada del 18 de gener: aquí [...]

  221. [...] Web design blog NLB Creations has put together a great list of the sites currently involved in the protest – you can read it here [...]

  222. [...] -  [en] [...]

  223. [...] view the ever growing list of companies also joining in on the blackout tomorrow click here. Tweet POSTED IN » [...]

  224. [...] view the ever growing list of companies also joining in on the blackout tomorrow click here. Tweet POSTED IN » Technology, [...]

  225. [...] englanninkielinen Wikipedia ja monet muut sivustot protestoivat SOPA:a (Stop Online Piracy Act) ja PIPA:a (Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic [...]

  226. Asad says:

    Thank you for posting the material to stop those suckers of SOPA and PIPA! I already joined the facebookpage of “Stop Internet Censorship by Protesting SOPA event” and it’s still growing every day! And I have also visited the links that Cori Summers has shared.
    Joomla template maken

  227. Tuasco says:

    Of all websites listed there this is the only one i know that was blacked out that wasn’t on that list.

  228. [...] Boing: Announcement Link 027: FalkVinge: Announcement Link (in the comments) 029: NBL Creations: Announcement Link 030: Sky Temple: Announcement Link 031: Game Generation: Announcement Link 032: Right Angle [...]

  229. […] To view the ever growing list of companies also joining in on the blackout tomorrow click here. […]

  230. mdhuset says:

    Hello! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but
    after looking at a few of the articles I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I stumbled upon it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!

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