Update to Scheduled Announcements plugin

I’ve updated my Scheduled Announcements Widget plugin to address some features that were lacking in the initial release.

In version 0.1.1 The scroller that displays the announcements will now pause on mouseover. Additionally, I’ve added the ability to put announcements in whatever order you like, rather than simply displaying them based on the order of their IDs.

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4 Comments to "Update to Scheduled Announcements plugin"

  1. Nikki,
    I have 2 announcements but it only goes thru one cycle. In other words, it displays the 1st announcement, then the 2nd and then it stops.
    Is it supposed to do this?

  2. Tim Furnish says:

    Your plugin does not work with the use of Global Content Blocks plugin. Do you know of a similar one that works or how to make this work? http://beeathome.com/about-us/

    See Healthy Aging section on right.

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