Facebook has stopped posting to Twitter

Update 10/18/2012: As of this morning, it looks like Facebook has things fixed!  Yay!

For the last few days, Twitter and Facebook users have been abuzz about linked accounts suddenly no longer linking. People have reported that, while tweets still post to Facebook, the reverse is no longer true… Facebook posts are not being tweeted, and haven’t been for several days now.

I can confirm the issue myself. Both my personal Facebook accounts, and several company Facebook pages that I manage all stopped forwarding posts to be tweeted on or around October 10th. Unlinking and relinking the accounts does not fix the issue, and neither Twitter nor Facebook have made any comment on what the problem may be.

Several discussions have popped up about this, on Twitter’s developers forum, on Facebook’s community forum, and also as a Facebook bug report.

Several Facebook users have also taken it upon themselves to submit reports on Facebook’s Contact page. If you’re willing to do so yourself, people have been reporting this issue as a News Feed problem, for the sake of consistancy.

It certainly seems not to be an isolated incident. TheNextWeb.com is also reporting seeing the issue, as are many of their commenters.

Some people are speculating that this may be related to Twitter’s recent changes to their API, which went into effect on Oct. 9th, shortly before people started noticing the problem.

All I know is that it’s extremely aggravating for people like me who rely on the linked accounts feature to keep multiple twitter feeds up to date.

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  1. KIM Class says:

    I haven’t tried it in a while. I will definitely check it out. But I’d say if there is a war brewing tweets will soon not be put on facebook either. I personally do each separate anyway.

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