Radio Station WordPress plugin is now translatable

flagsWell, it took me awhile to figure out how to go about doing it, but I’ve finally managed to get the Radio Station plugin to the point that I can localize it.

That’s the good news.  🙂

The not-really-bad-but-not-great news is that the only language (other than English) that I even sort of speak… by which I mean I took it in high school… is Spanish.  Which is great for Spanish language sites, since the plugin now comes in Spanish flavor.  Unfortunately, I lack the language skills to go much farther than that.  Google Translate only works so well.

I did include the .pot file, though, if anyone out there would like to give some other language a shot.  Send it to me and I’d love to include more translations in future releases.

Update: A big thank you to Dan over at BuddyPress France – – for his French translation (and bug report), which has been included in 1.5.1.  🙂

Update 2: And thank you to Lorenc for the Albanian translation!

Update 3: Thank you to Miodarag Zivkovic for the Serbian translation!

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