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Please note that development on this version of the QR Redirect plugin has been discontinued.   Consider switching to its second incarnation, QR Redirector.

QR Code Redirect lets you set up your own QR Code redirection site. The plugin creates a new custom post type called QR Redirect, which generates a QR code that points to the post’s permalink. You may then specify any URL you like for the post to redirect to. Great if you have an offsite contest, form, newsletter sign-up, etc. You can even change the URL you’re redirecting to without having to worry about updating the QR code in your advertising media.



WordPress Repo: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/qr-redirect/

Direct Downloads:

Version 0.2.410/18/12
Version 0.2.3
3/12/12 ** bug fix
Version 0.2.22/3/12
Version 0.2.110/27/11
Version 0.29/28/11 ** bug fix
Version 0.19/27/11


Contributors: kionae
Donate link: http://nlb-creations.com/donate/
Tags: qr code, redirection
Requires at least: 3.2.0
Tested up to: 3.3.1
Stable tag: trunk


  1. Upload plugin .zip file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and unzip.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Add new redirects under the “QR Redirets” menu option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I add my QR code to a post?

Use the following shortcode:

[qr-code id="xx" size="xx"]

where id is the post ID of your QR Redirect, and size is the desired width of the image in pixels. Size is optional, and will default to 250.

If I need to change the URL I want to redirect to, do I have to update the QR Code image in all of my ads?

No. The QR Code points to a WordPress permalink on your site. The only time you would ever have to switch out an image is if you change your site’s permalink settings, and thus change the permalinks of the QR Redirect posts. Presumably this is something you won’t be doing too often, if ever.

Why do I need this?

QR Codes on their own are static. In order to update them, you have to generate a whole new image (which would suck if you were putting them on flyers or some other printed medium and suddenly needed to change them). This plugin lets you point your QR code’s embeded URL to a different web address if you need to. For example, if you are using an off-site service to host a contest, you can point a QR code at that site for the duration of the contest and later change it to point to another page with the contest winners.

How are your QR Codes generated?

Courtesy of Google Chart Tools, specifically their Infographics: http://code.google.com/apis/chart/infographics/docs/overview.html



  • Added ability to specify error correction level of the generated QR code.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing 404 errors for some users


  • Added notes field for admin use
  • QR Code edit screen now auto-generates shortcode for copy/pasting


  • Added shortcode for displaying QR Redirect images in posts


  • Fixed a major backwards compatibility bug
  • Added some basic stat tracking


  • Initial release

Upgrade Notice


  • Added ability to specify error correction level of the generated QR code.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing 404 errors for some users


  • Added notes field for admin use
  • QR Code edit screen now auto-generates shortcode for copy/pasting


  • Added shortcode for displaying QR Redirect images in posts


  • Fixed a major backwards compatibility bug
  • Added some basic stat tracking


  • Initial release

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24 Comments to "WordPress Plugin – QR Redirect"

  1. Terence says:


    Thanks for sharing. Looks like it could just be exactly what I need… but!

    I can see how to create the QR code and I can set up a menu item with the redirect code in it, but how do I get the QR code image into a post?


  2. Hal M says:

    A nie added feature is a optional comment field for the administrator to add some NOTES about the redirect such as ADD INFO or other tidbits, hidden from the front in.

  3. Steve Young says:

    Thanks for the plugin Nikki, we have a few websites that this can be used on. I now feel I have some control that I lacked in the past.

    When it counts, what is happening? I made one and it looked like it counted that. I scanned once and the counter was up to 4 then I looked in a half hour it was up to 5.

    I had not released it to anyone yet, not sure why it would go up.

    Also you may want to consider a note. “publish will not publish a post to your site” or something like that. I worried when I pulled the trigger what was going to happen.

    Again thank you for a great solution!

  4. Karen says:

    How does one mass-add code eg_____:

    [qr-code id=”xxxx” size=”250″]

    to all posts at once – instead of one-by-one?


    • Nikki Blight says:

      Probably the easiest way to do something like that would be to put it in your theme’s single.php template using the do_shortcode() function.

      For example:

      < ?php do_shortcode('[qr-code id="xxxx" size="250"]'); ?>

      • Raul says:

        Hello, just wondering about something along the same lines. But, I would like to change the default QR image size from 1 to 7. Is there a way to achieve this?

  5. malinwa001 says:

    It’s great is it is! I use i for some time on my site but could you get the picture set to another resolution by settings and ge the picture be clickable and redirect also?

    these features should make it awesome!

    • Nikki Blight says:

      You can adjust the dimensions of the image by using the size option in your shortcode (see the readme.txt file).

      Clickable codes are something I may add in a future version.

  6. Rob H. says:

    Great plugin. Is there a paid version to forego ads being shown?

  7. John M says:

    A wonderful plug-in! Thank you so much! Crossing that virtual / real world divide is very liberating and creates so many opportunities. Quick question from a green-horn: how can I place the Post’s QR code in the sidebar? Thanks again.

    • Nikki Blight says:

      You can either code it directly into the sidebar.php file using the do_shortcode() function (see the WordPress.org codex for usage), or you can grab a plugin that allows you to insert shortcodes into your sidebar. There are a few of them out there.

  8. Pierce says:

    I know no code, but am relatively smart enough to ask the right questions. Your answers seem to be spot on for everyone else, so I’m going to ask you an interesting one.

    I am trying to get a code to change the redirect every hour. Is this possible without having to go in an manually do this each time? For instance, if I had 24 websites/images/whatever set aside every single day to last a week, is there a way I could input all of those urls at once and be done with it? Thanks!

  9. Robert says:

    First of al: thank you for this great plugin. I have some ideas for newer versions.

    Maybe you can make it possible to customize the ‘directory’ called “qr” in http://www.example.com/qr/user-defined for people who already use the plugin on a subdomain qr.example.com or a devided domain like qr-example.com.
    Another thing that you might want to implement is password protection.
    And finally, my last idea is to have a function to let the links expire on a certain date.

    But like I said: it’s already a very nice and easy to use plugin!

  10. uttam says:

    Once the redirect QR is generated . On scanning it is directed to the redirected page. But when I am putting that code in the side bar widget the QR does not redirects to the redirect page instead comes to the original page .
    Any help would be appreciated


  11. KCrawford says:

    Although not tested on WordPress >3.3.1, it seems to work fine on WordPress 3.4.2.
    It would be nice if the author would keep the testing up to date as it is a handy application.

  12. Framix says:

    hi nikki,
    I am using your plugin since last year and it works great.
    Just want to let you know, that a guy is selling a very, very similiar (I think it is exactly the same code like yours) plugin on WSO. Here is the link: http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-special-offers-forum/692570-new-wp-plugin-creates-qr-codes-can-re-used-over-over-again-finally-dynamic-qr-codes.html
    If you dont wanna buy it, I could send you the code by e-mail to check it out. I realy hate such cheeky cheaters.

  13. Jack Rutledge says:

    Is there any chance a future update that will allow us to make the QR Code part of an image? Take a look at visualead.com to get a better idea of what I mean,



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