Code Samples

WordPress Plugin – Playlist217

This is a plugin that was written to replicate the functionality of’s playlist module in WordPress. It accepts a URL-encoded artist name and track title via a URL, stores it, and attempts to match it to the appropriate album artwork. Playlists can be displayed as most recently play tracks, or more frequently played tracks. You are welcome to use this plugin on your own site if you have a use for it.

Version 2.0 fixes some bugs, and also provides more backend options for site admins.
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WordPress Plugin – DJ On-Air Widget

The DJ On-Air Widget adds a “Dj Shifts” field to user profiles that allows them to be scheduled for on-air shifts on an hourly basis and provides a sidebar widget that displays any user(s) scheduled for the current hour.

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WordPress Plugin – My Wish List

The My Wish List plugin allows you to create wish lists for your website, and display them on any post or page with simple shortcode. Include Item names, prices, sizes, colors, links, and photos so everyone knows what you want/need.

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WordPress Plugin – QR Redirect

QR Code Redirect lets you set up your own QR Code redirection site. The plugin creates a new custom post type called QR Redirect, which generates a QR code that points to the post’s permalink. You may then specify any URL you like for the post to redirect to.

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WordPress Plugin – Scheduled Announcements Widget

The Scheduled Announcements Widget lets you add a scrolling list of site announcements, independent of normal posts and pages, to any widgetized area of your site, or to your theme files. Perfect for publicizing an event, alert, or notice that doesn’t require a full-page write-up. Announcements can be scheduled to run indefinitely or during a specific date range, and admins can chose between horizontal or vertical scrolling.

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These files are a cakePHP controller and it’s model from’s code base. This code is responsible for managing the index of musical artists on the site and their associated discographies, track listings, and album artwork.

Directory Creation
This script was written to generates a series of sub-directories based on a template within a set of client account directories.

Calendar Parser
A small parser script for an RSS feed that renders the items in the feed as user-friendly event calendar listings. RSS feed
Because Drupal didn’t allow for a heavily customized RSS feed at the time the site was being developed, this was written to pull current articles into a feed for the Associated Press.

Nikki Blight – Web/PHP Developer